SCI-MX Nutrition

SCI-MX Nutrition is one of the UK’s leading sports nutrition & protein supplement retailer both online & in supermarkets. Backed by Science, SCI-MX offer a range of premium protein snacks, shakes, powders & supplements.

Organic Traffic Increase
Bounce Rate Reduction

The Client

SCI-MX is a specialist in sports nutrition & protein supplements. Established in 2007 their goal was to help nurture, support and inspire the sportsperson in people.

From exercise recovery to competition training, there’s a SCI-MX product to help anyone achieve their goal – irrespective of where they are on their fitness journey. From high quality protein powders, capsules and snack bars to ready-to-drink shakes and everyday sports clothing, SCI-MX has you covered.

SCI-MX retail products in supermarkets across the UK as well as selling products online.

The Challenge

The challenge was to deliver an effective SEO strategy on the back of a website re-design & build along with full content rewriting, new infrastructure, significant speed improvements, SCHEMA integration and more.

The old SCI-MX website had an un-intuitive navigation / layout alongside ageing content and user experience issues.

The challenge was to re-build the website & implement an SEO strategy at the same time.

  • Re-design the SCI-MX Website
  • Use historic user data to ascertain user experience
  • Formulate new site design to factor in “what’s good” for user experience
  • Re-write content and implement better content accessibility
  • Produce a dynamic & adaptive SEO strategy to fit in to project timeline
  • Build links in a competitive landscape
  • Increase long-tail keyword coverage
  • Drive up keyword rankings for highly competitive terms

The Goals

  • Improve Organic Rankings for Relative Keywords (Commerce, Research, Blog)
  • Increase Website Engagement
  • Increase Website Conversion Rate
  • Reduce POGOing (returning to Google)
  • Increase Volume of 1st to Last Interaction
  • Reduce Checkout Abandonment
  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Brand Awareness

The Results


Increase in Organic Traffic in 12 Months


Increase in Organic Traffic in 24 Months


Reduction in Bounce Rate

Sample Data

Snapshot from SEMRUSH Reflecting Traffic Growth

Snapshot from SEMRUSH Reflecting Volume of Ranking Keywords

The Strategy

The strategy for SCI-MX was based around understanding how SCI-MX products fit into the marketplace and how that marketplace would use the website. We analysed more than 50 competitor websites in great detail, ascertaining site structure, product filtering and categorization and more.

Using heat-mapping tools and analysing user behaviour we were able to ascertain what design factors need to be taken into consideration when designing a new website for SCI-MX.

The SEO strategy slotted right in as the new website required content rewriting & better data architecture. The combination of a new website design, improved user engagement and new content helped to drive initial ranking growth.

Our overall strategy was to build a site for the end users – who could easily browse products, categories and content across all browsers and devices, we implemented a 1-step checkout to make purchasing easier and quicker, we added in additional site functionality for enhanced user experience & more.

What We Did

Designed & Built A New Website

Assertive designed & built the new SCI-MX website on the back of in-depth marketplace research & analysing historic analytics performance / user behaviour flow.

The new website was re-designed with full user experience consideration as well as properly structured product categories.

As the website was built it was also optimised for organic incorporating not only user experience but sub-components of UX i.e. Site Speed / Page Speed.

Improved User Experience

Understanding user behaviour and user journey was key in the project. Using a variety of heat/click/scroll mapping tools we were able to ascertain user performance page by page.

By amalgamating “majority” data we were able to form change requests for Google Optimise experiments.

Recommendations were generated before the next stage of multivariate/A-B testing to ascertain how page changes impacted on engagement and conversion.

Produced All New Site Content

Assertive produced new website content for products, categories and blogs. Some of the blogs alone have generated tens of thousands of clicks.

Content was produced on the back of in-depth competitor analysis, trends, what’s hot & other data sources. Using this approach we’ve successfully driven up website traffic for not just core keywords but a long variety of long-tail searches.

Content is written to a high standard, incorporates semantic keywords, has user intent at heart and is well structured to make it engaging.

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What the Client Says

We’ve worked with Assertive for over 2 years, in that time not only have they delivered a new revamped website, they’ve helped grow our website traffic substantially. We’re seeing good onward growth thanks to the Assertive team. The collaborative tools they offer have made the whole SEO process very transparent.

Gemma Peakman – Head of Digital @ SCI-MX