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Our seo agency delivers premium digital marketing & search engine optimisation services to businesses across the UK, Europe, and Worldwide. Boutique, professional and agile with an ERP centered approach.

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Assertive helped us to drive organic growth on the back of a new website & content strategy. We’ve seen strong improvements for a diverse range of keywords.

- SCI-MX (Head of Marketing)

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“Our SEO Experts have over 18 years experience delivering SEO strategies.”


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We’ve been in London for 13+ years delivering SEO services & digital marketing strategies to businesses in a wide range of niches including ecommerce SEO services, law firm SEO services, health & fitness SEO services, finance SEO services, mortgage SEO services & loans, holiday cottage & travel agent SEO and lots more.

Our SEO consultants & Long Term Senior SEO Executives can provide comprehensive technical SEO audits to provide full insights into your existing organic performance & visibility. Our in house development team can provide full hands off implementation so that your website can be optimised, perform better organically & of course, rank higher in the search results.

Our in house content & link building outreach team / Digital PR specialists can then help to build a sustainable link profile, full of high quality, trusted links to boost your domain authority and ultimately rankings in organic search.

SEO Services

For companies looking to rank locally in single or multiple locations for localised search terms.
Suitable for companies who have received a manual or automated Google penalty.
Fundamental for any SEO campaign, suitable for businesses looking to gain insight into their search marketplace.
Suitable for all Companies looking for websites structural SEO compliance to be improved.
Be more prominent in Google Map Listings, Suitable for All Businesses.
Essential for businesses looking to enhance their visibility & to become an authority within their niche.
Advanced SEO to take advantage of Google Technologies including Voice Search, Rich Snippets, Knowledge-box & More.
Essential for all businesses & fundamental for any SEO campaign. Build authority, improve organic positions.
SEO Solutions for Large & Corporate Clients with Tailored SEO & Consultancy services.
Essential for all SEO strategies, improve engagement, improve conversions & drive recognition of site value.
Voice Search solutions to help businesses earn more voice traffic and more online visibility.
Full SEO for WordPress including Page Speed Improvements, Google Lighthouse Improvements, Content Optimisation & More.

Our Approach to Organic Search

Our professional SEO services incorporate the latest digital marketing & user experience techniques to increase organic visibility in Google’s natural search results. Using carefully selected keywords, our team of SEO experts will help drive high quality, targeted traffic increases to your businesses website.

Our seo specialists remain ahead of the curve by utilising processes to better structure data, improve user experience, improve website performance, improve user retention and to maximise content relevancy – so, your new SEO marketing strategy pays off with long term success.

Whether you’ve searched SEO company London or professional SEO services – whatever you have searched to find us – you’ve found us organically, that should say something.

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Professional SEO Services

We’re not like your traditional digital marketing agency, we don’t sell USPs that should just come naturally. We’re completely customer focused & its for that reason, we make websites better for people – your potential customers. Our professional SEO services leverage the best techincal expertise to align your website with Google Search Algorithms, this includes brand enhancement, trust building and meeting the needs of your customers in a cost effective way.

Assertive delivers comprehensive, strategic digital marketing & search engine optimisation campaigns that are based on a strategy that takes your businesses needs & customer needs into consideration. Watch your organic website traffic grow, relish the increase in sales/enquiries, watch your visibility climb & watch as you overtake your competitors.

We live and breath search engine optimisation – tailoring each campaign using a breadth of modern SEO techniques to ensure your websites technical SEO profile is optimised & that your link profile screams authority and trust – unlike some SEO companies who may use underhanded black hat SEO techniques to save money and speed up output – only to earn their clients a penalty down the line.

We offer world class seo services that enhance a search engines view of your website – in short, we make your website attractive for search engines like Google – increasing your organic visibility.

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What makes our SEO Services work?

There are hundreds of interconnecting SEO factors at play in different variations depending on keyword, niche and average position. These SEO factors generally are weighted on high quality content, relevance, links and a solid technical website structure. Having highly relevant content that will genuinely benefit your end users will mean better landing page engagement (positive user experience signal) in a website that is fast, quick to load on desktop & mobile will improve user experience further – and finally, high quality links help to re-enforce quality and trust.

Search engines like Google and Bing use complex, ever changing algorithms that regularly update (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird etc.) which work in favour of rewarding high-quality websites with top rankings in search results.

Our SEO service combines superior technical on site expertise by assessing how Google sees your website at a crawl and rendering level, with superior content marketing & content creation to create engaging, meaningful, intent satisfying content that coverts coupled with premium digital PR and link earning techniques to transform your domain authority for long term ranking sustainability.

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