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Looking for a new PPC Agency to deliver results?

Assertive offers full pay per click management services designed to deliver ROI quickly with thorough campaign setup and optimisation.

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Case Study
One of our most recent marketing client case studies

Assertive delivered a strategic PPC campaign for Allianz Global Investors as part of a graduate programme.

- Allianz Global Investors (Head of Marketing)

Who do we do PPC for? How much does it cost?

Our PPC Services are suitable for companies with a minimum PPC budget of £2000 per month.  We offer paid advertising services to Medium, Large & Corporate businesses. We’re suitable for businesses looking to drive a strong ROAS (return on ad spend).

Our pricing is variable depending on campaign size, complexity and objectives. Requesting an appraisal will allow us to evaluate your campaign before quoting a cost.

Assertive’s PPC Service coverage covers all niches / verticals including Travel, eCommerce & Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, Investment, Gambling, Healthcare, Leisure, Local Authority, Government & more.

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Our PPC Services

Not sure what you need? our Pay Per Click services can be tailored to suit business requirements / objectives.

We offer full Google Ads (Formerly Adwords) management including Campaign Setup, Optimisation & more.
Reach thousands of potential customers with display, serving video & media to potential customers with targeted placements.
Understand your competitors paid ads, their keywords & placements & budget to ascertain what works & what does not.
Convert existing website traffic with remarketing. Advertise to an already warm audience from the Google Display Network.
Utilise the Bing Ads Network which offers cost effective advertising and powerful demographic targeting.
Utilise Paid Ads on Facebook & Instagram network. Facebook paid ads offer excellent opportunities to drive targeted traffic & conversions.
Generate more business from PPC traffic, convert + retain more visitors to lower cost per conversion.
Have products listed on the Google Shopping Platform, we setup & manage listings, imports, conversions & more.
Full PPC campaign auditing with actionable recommendations for businesses running PPC in house.
Advertise on the Youtube network with video ads. Reach more people, increase brand, product & service awareness.

Our Approach to PPC

Our approach to Pay Per Click is one built on big data, analytics, user behaviour and search intent. Pay per click requires the right strategy mapping out with an execution timeline covering campaign setup, landing page setup, A/B testing, conversion & attribution & more.

Understand – Understand the Brand, Product and/or Service to be marketed, how the business works, margins, ROI and audience demographics.

Research –  Understand the competitors – find out what works and what does not. Research the audience and understand key demographics, geographics and search intent. Identify keyword opportunities, landing page matching & research projected competitor cost per acquisition.

Plan – Plan out the campaign from construction to launch.  Create a timeline covering planning & execution with regular review periods.

Execute – Launch the campaign & A/B & Multi-Variate testing. Run and work closely with clients to ascertain performance improvements.


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Why Companies choose Assertive for PPC

Why use Assertive?

Businesses throughout London, the UK and the world choose Assertive because of our results, dedication and focus towards delivering effective pay per click campaigns that convert.

PPC is more than just an advertising channel, it’s a way of leveraging business growth via search. Getting PPC right from the start is essential for conversion & spend efficiency.

Our intuitive combination of user analytics, marketplace research & advanced Google ad platform knowledge, we’re able to optimise campaigns & landing pages together to achieve not only a fantastic user experience for potential customers, but also to achieve high quality scores within the Google Ads platform – reducing spend and increasing conversions.

Our PPC specialists always strive to deliver beyond expectation, finding new ways to innovate from complex Google Ads scripts & rules through to personalised landing pages.

Regardless of the mechanics behind the scenes, our team have a few core objectives, to deliver a maximum return on investment and to drive enquiry/lead/sales growth.

We’ll Cut Advertising Costs

Intelligent PPC Reporting

Increase Traffic & Engagement

Improved User Experience

Return on Investment Focused

Improved Conversion Rates

Powerful & Innovative Utilisation of Google Ads Platform

Assertive’s team of specialist pay per click account managers are fully conversant in the Google Ads platform utilising advanced bid strategies, automated ad scripts, advanced rules for bid adjustment, ad scheduling & more.

On the back of conversions our team explores options to continue leveraging conversion growth whilst reducing costs / reallocating saved funds into additional campaign adgroups to increase conversion throughput.

Our team only uses automation to complement our manual output to save time and make the best use of the time managing a PPC campaign. You can expect full account management, protection against click fraud and competitor brand bidding, conversion monitoring & management, device, location & schedule bid adjustments & more.

Accreditation & Service Recognition

We’re a Google Partner Agency

Assertive is proud to be a Google Partner Agency & Recognised by Bing for full PPC management and optimisation.

Our accreditations mean that we are recognised and trusted to fully manage pay per click accounts with small – large spend.

Assertive manages millions of £ a year in ad-spend for managed client accounts

Our high level of client retention for PPC management is a testament to the quality of service and the results achieved

Complacency does not exist, our PPC team are always looking for ways to get more for less for clients.

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