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Assertive offers data driven user experience solutions for
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Assertive helped us to run extensive user experience optimisation experiments which resulted in a 72% reduction in quarterly bounce rate & increased session duration by 44%.

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Who do we do User Experience Optimisation for?

User Experience Optimisation is suitable for all businesses. Due to the level of work required and the complexities involved we recommend user experience optimisation for businesses with allocated budgets of £2000 per month onwards. 

User Experience Optimisation is available as a standalone service as well as being a part of our integrated SEO service.

What’s Involved

Our User Experience Optimisation Services are highly bespoke and may use variant processes, some include:

Assertive will ascertain current site performance as well as historic website performance. A full audit will identify user experience by device, by browser as well as full landing page evaluation to cover landing page layout, content placement & more.
Assertive will look to group user behaviour data for “majority” behavioural analysis. The data will be analysed to produce a hypotheses for minor and major user experience issues as well as proposed fixes.
User Experience is impacted by search intent – driven off the back of landing page content. No user experience campaign in the world can work effectively without proper content analysis & content tailoring for search intent.
Whether your website sells shoes, holidays or loans, user intent satisfaction is key for good user experience. We evaluate landing page content & structure at search intent level to propose improvements.
Assertive’s internal design team can produce mock-ups & concepts for amended pages which address all user experience issues. These designs can then be cut up and used as part of the experimentation stage.
Assertive will run 1 or more experiments at any given time. The data will be analysed in-depth using additional tools including Google Optimise, HotJar, TrafficTruffle, Analytics & more.
After successful experimentation, Assertive’s design and development team can help deploy new page design variants to a live website. Our development coverage is significant.
Utilising tools such as HotJar & SiteGainer, we can better understand click and scroll behaviour cross-platform / cross-device. This data is collected and used as part of data amalgamation.

Why Work with Us?

We’re Specialised


Assertive’s user experience team is formed from UX professionals who have backgrounds in delivering user experience solutions for banks, financial institutions, travel agencies, hedge funds, forex & more. With over 10 years experience each, our UX team is ready to deliver a solution for your business.

We’re Result Focused


Assertive is focused on the end goal – getting better results. Our platforms and services are result focused, we actively push back on clients & make strong, data backed cases for change which we understand is key in larger organisations. We regularly deliver performance increases in excess of 50%.

We’re Data Led


Data, it’s there to be used. Assertive use big data & highly refined processes to turn data into actionable points. We’ve enlisted big data as a core part of our user experience services to deliver the best possible results. Assertive are introducing AI led solutions for user experience – at the forefront of modern UX services.

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Modern marketing relies heavily on properly optimised website architecture, landing pages & content. Each must complement one another to maximise engagement, conversion and retention. User Experience Optimisation is good for SEO, is good for PPC and can help pretty much any marketing channel do better.