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An Award Winning SEO Agency Based in London

Enterprise Search Engine Marketing Services

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Our Agency offers range of integrated marketing solutions bringing Organic, Paid and Integrated Marketing together under one roof. One easy to manage integrated marketing solution.

Integrated Marketing


We put your business in front of the correct audience online using display advertising. Feature your business in popular publications, newspapers, magazines, ezines & other locations.

Display Advertising

Search Engine Optimisation

If your business is not found on page 1 in Google or Bing for target keywords you could potentially be losing out on a significant market share of traffic, our SEO services will help you to reach page 1.

Search Engine Optimisation

Pay Per

We setup, configure and manage pay per click campaigns, get the best results at the lowest possible cost with our professional PPC services, we can significantly increase your ROI.

Pay Per Click

What's going on at Assertive Media

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As one of the Assertive Media founders, I decided to create an agency that focused less on awards, contracts & showboating and more on the delivery of high quality work. There is only one core reason for using an internet marketing company and that's to generate a return on investment. Increased organic visibility leads to increased traffic, sales and inevitably turnover. - Daniel Foley
Samantha is one of our SEO consultants who is responsible for the planning and creation of digital marketing strategies for clients. - Samantha Welch
Laura heads up content development for clients. Laura produces high quality content to help drive engagement and to improve SEO metrics for client websites. Having worked at other London digital marketing agencies, Laura has built up extensive experience in viral strategies & content planning - Laura Wakeham
Nely is our resident link earner who helps to influence positive link growth through ethical practices. - Nely Mihaylova
Jeff Simmons is our sales manager who focuses on bringing in new business, he is also responsible for client management and liasing, Jeff is a frequent point of contact for clients wanting project updates. - Jeff Simmons
Tom is a social media manager and social media planner. Tom heads up the social media team and organises the setup, design and promotion of social media pages for clients. - Tom Steel
Lucy is an SEO account executive who manages various client SEO profiles from on site to off site. She looks after a number of high profile clients as well as providing monthly reports. - Lucy Sapwell
Ram is our development manager and specialises in the programming and development of responsive websites and mobile apps. - Ram Karri
Kelly is a marketing executive dealing with SEO, reporting and analytics. She has a wealth of experience within marketing and produces high quality content for our clients. Her background includes marketing at Conde Nast and Riverbanks. - Kelly Coleman
Jemima is our expert copywriter and website content evaluator responsible for producing effective content marketing strategies. - Jemima Codrington
Lucy is one of our social media and content executives dealing with the day to day maintenance of social media profiles. - Lucy Gray
Tayana Simons is a specialist outreach writer with connections to Huffington Post, Lifehack & Other Publications for Assertive Media - Tayana Simons
Erhan is one of our outreach specialists, dealing with premium outreach to help drive brand growth and strength online. - Erhan Korhaliller
Matt is one of our link outreach team who specialises in premium link outreach, domain management and general domain analysis. - Matt Tricot
Louise is one of our leading PPC specialists involved in day to day account management, training & adwords/remarketing management. - Louise Holder
Susie is one of our specialist content & social specialists dealing with content strategies, social media planning, posting & semantic keyword mapping. - Susie Davids
Teja is one of our search engineers responsible for site diagnostics, crawl monitoring, SCHEMA checking, PageSpeed Insights Improvements & More. - Teja Thammu
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an art, not just a science. Using big data, Assertive Media ensures that your SEO campaign is successful by covering all major aspects of search relevancy, intent satisfaction and user intent. Our ethical approach to SEO means that you can expect long-term results, not just from an organic visibility standpoint, but online in general. We focus on SEO that delivers an ROI, which is what truly matters for any business. Our SEO service will align with your business, model and target audience meaning you can stop going through SEO agencies & instead start getting real results.

    Our Core SEO Services

        Local Listings
        - Be found in your local city or town in Google Map listings & in Google Search.

        Nationwide SEO
        - Be found anywhere in the UK through Natural search.

        International SEO
        - From the UK to America, Europe to Asia, be found anywhere in the world in Google or a countries native search engine.

        User Experience Optimisation
        - Reduce bounce rates, increase session duration & engagement, reduce abandonment & make a website intuitive for the end user.

        Penalty Recovery
        - Complete link auditing, poor quality link removal, disavow & link management to remove automated & manual link penalties.

        Technical Optimisation
        - Improve website architecture, structure, integrity, speed & performance.

        General SEO
        - Keyword Research, Website copywriting, structured data, CTR optimisation, Strategy & Planning, Competitor Analysis, Long-tail Keyword Extraction & Impression analysis.

  • Assertive Media offers a comprehensive paid search advertising service offering pay per click management, bespoke PPC packages, adwords campaign setup and management, remarketing, display network services and other PPC agency related services.

    Our Google Adwords qualified team have over 10 years experience each from optimising existing campaigns to setting up new, optimised campaigns that perform from the outset. We drive up quality scores by creating highly targeted ads and landing pages coupled with CRO to deliver more sales, enquiries and ROI at a lower cost."

    Assertive Media will manage campaign spend, ad group setup, keyword quality scores, negative keywords, landing page tracking, enhance CPC, bidding strategies, geo targeting and lots more. Make your pay per click campaign work for your business today!. We provide SEO Services to the whole of the UK as well as International SEO campaigns for the European, Asian, Middle East & American marketplaces.

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    Pay Per Click

  • If your business does not adopt social media in the correct way then brand awareness and brand development can take much longer to come to fruition. Assertive Media offers a comprehensive social media marketing solution. Designed to promote your brand through the main social media channels, Assertive Media can grow business and brand profiles, followers, likes, interactions and inevitably enquiries / business.

    Social media marketing is a fantastic way to reach new customers, retain old customers and build relationships, it's also a fantastic channel for news, promotions, events and more. Assertive Media offers a comprehensive SMM (social media marketing) service. We can run paid Facebook Ad campaigns, sponsored twitter and linkedin campaigns and impression / CPC led campaigns and more.

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    Social Media Marketing
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is an important part of our SEO & PPC service as they fit hand in hand. It is important for marketing to deliver high quality, relevant traffic that can go on to convert. Conversion rate optimisation is the process of optimising a websites structure and usability to enhance conversion rates and to reduce cost per conversions. Here at Assertive Media we offer a comprehensive conversion rate optimisation service designed to help your business increase turnover and improve user experience.

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    Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • UX or "User Experience" is becoming the core evaluation method of Google's algorithm to ensure that websites provide a good user experience. Our web marketing is tailored around developing brand authority, website quality and positive user experience for website visitors. Our SEO focuses on increasing engagement, increasing click through rates, satisfying user intent, increasing site loading speed, introducing SCHEMA, HTTPS, HTTP2, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), structured data and lots more.

    We make your website fast, secure, easy to use and most importantly of all a good user experience. Combining structural improvements, responsive design and high quality content we can help your website achieve the visibility and conversion potential it deserves.

    Based in the heart of London in Holborn, Assertive Media provide online digital marketing services to companies in every niche in London, the UK, Europe, Asia, America & Worldwide. Our ethos is to have a low client turnover and to have long term working relationships built on reliability & trust. We go further to deliver organic results that exceed expectations. In fact, we're so confident about our work that we offer working arrangements that negate the need of contract requirements.

    Our SEO Consultants work with business in and around London, around the UK and overseas / internationally. Our techniques / SEM are compliant, we'll always ensure that work carried out is future proof & abides by all of Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Search results & high client rankings are our speciality, with our search optimisation agency you can be sure of more website traffic, more conversion & improved analytics performance.

    Here at Assertive Media, our team are passionate about delivering results that help business grow and develop their brand online. Our team is mainly composed of expert commerce marketers who have a wealth of knowledge surrounding organic search from all key Google algorithm updates through to user experience optimisation.


    We care about reputation, we care about results, we're results driven, so you can expect nothing but absolute dedication to getting top of page 1 results in Google, Bing & Yahoo. Our Marketing, Design & Development is ethical, operating by strict industry guidelines to ensure that work delivered will yield high organic search results well into the future. Assertive Media uses website optimisation techniques that are based on improving website relevancy, usability & performance across mobiles, desktops, tablets & smart internet devices. Work we deliver complies with all previous and future updates including Penguin, Hummingbird, Fred, as well as unamed algorithm updates.

    One of the most important aspects of marketing is to generate larger profits/revenue & more brand awareness. Regardless of the route inbetween, inevitably, profit is critical for ongoing business growth and development. Assertive Media recognises the importance of profit & return on investment as well as business growth & uses this as a goal when marketing the business through either organic, paid, social media marketing or direct marketing. Assertive Media can increase your profits by utilising a mix of Paid & Organic search carefully balanced to go after quick wins.

    We provide SEO & PPC services from our London offices to SME, Bluechip & Corporate clients. Our service exists to help significantly increase online organic exposure for businesses looking to increase profits. Assertive Media is one of the best digital marketing agencies in the UK providing a wide range of advertising services, social media services, website design & development. If you would like to learn more why not browse our website or give us a call on 0845 299 7642. We help businesses globally in optimising their website for organic search, London is one key area for our clients due to it being one of the worlds financial capitals. We deal with high net worth brands, corporate companies, bluechip companies & SME's in & around London. Our SEO services are not just local to London but offered across the UK as well as internationally.
    Search engine marketing is a combination of different marketing channels carried out on the internet. The most popular channels used in digital marketing include search, display ads & pay per click which is also referred to as paid search, which when combined can generate a lot of website traffic and increased business turover. Assertive Media helps businesses fully utilise search engine marketing to get results. We'll increase website traffic, conversions, customer loyalty, conversion rates, social media saturation, brand awareness and more. Good search engine marketing involves increasing user engagement, improving user journey, producing semantically relevant copy, satisfying user intent, adopting SCHEMA & structured data, improving click through rates and enhancing performance cross-device, cross-platform. We also offer international SEO services & geo-targeted natural search marketing to help brands rank well in other countries.
    Content is the backbone of every website whether it be textual content or media based content (images / videos). Our content marketing and copywriting service is built on relevancy and quality. We produce high quality engaging content that will help drive brand recognition, better conversion rates, natural link growth and better performance in search. Our organic content marketing services will help your business do more online. Our content marketing is highly effective and is useful not only for on-site purposes, but also in the pursuit of link baiting, brand trust development and citation.
    Outreach allows us to distribute high quality client content to journalists, freelancers, bloggers & professionals. A modern form of PR, our outreach is different from traditional advertising / online marketing. Assertive Media's team of niche specialist copywriters can produce engaging content that will drive new referral traffic, more engagement & organic link growth. Our UK SEO Specialists have at least 10 years experience in outreach helping to connect brands with advertisers, distribute PR, acquire premium links & to increase exposure.
    Our team of SEO Engineers can diagnose & resolve all on-site (on-page) SEO issues from 301 permanent re-directs through to SCHEMA implementation. We utilise all modern web-technologies to leverage good site performance against good user experience. We ensure all website structural issues are resolved and that the infrastucture makes for good UX.
    Analytics data is important for insights and the reporting and marketing strategy development for businesses. We use Google Analytics and other advanced tracking solutions to find out what works and what doesn't. Using analytics data we can learn about audiences, how they use a website, how they transact, how they convert and lots more. This data is used to formulate ongoing strategies that are adapted to increasing sales / enquiries and user engagement. We work with Google Analytics Suite 360, Datastudio, SitePoint, KISSMetrics, Clicky, WOOPra, Switchboard Free & other platforms.
    We offer training and consultancy services for businesses looking to develop their own internal marketing teams. We offer both SEO Training and PPC Training that is flexible and tailored to specifications / business requirements. We offer a comprehensive SEO training schedule designed to educate and inform on all aspects of SEO from on-site to off-site optimisation. Our PPC training will help bring your internal marketers up to a Google Adwords qualified status.
    Reliability is key to any successful digital marketing relationship. Our London SEO Company consists of search marketers with at least 10 years experience each, ensuring that your business gets the best results not just from organic improvements but also from conversion optimisation. We are true on-page & off-page SEO specialists delivering significant ROI return on investment. If you are looking for the best UK SEO Agencies, why not give us a call to see how we can help?
    Here are some of our most commonly asked questions:
    What is SEO

    SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in a search engines organic results, often refered to as "Organic SEO" or "Natural Results".

    What does SEO stand for?

    SEO is the abbreviation of "Search Engine Optimisation" - United Kingdom or "Search Engine Optimization" - United States.

    How much does SEO cost?

    The cost of SEO will depend entirely on the scale of SEO campaign required, the competitiveness of keywords and the status of the websites existing on site and off site profile. SEO is usually charged by the hour, but some companies offer a fixed retainer fee for ongoing SEO.

    How long does SEO take?

    SEO can take anywhere from 1 month to 12 months to yield results depending on the existing website status, keyword competitiveness and existing domain metrics.


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As one of London's & the UK's leading SEO Companies, we pride ourselves on providing businesses big and small, premium quality, Organic SEO Services conforming to strict standards & compliance. Our team has been established for more than 10 years offering professional SEO services & consultancy to small, medium and large businesses throughout the UK and Worldwide. We are an award winning search engine optimisation agency that delivers results, not just fancy pitches.

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Assertive Media is a London based digital marketing agency offering specialist services to help businesses increase their online exposure and ultimately to increase revenue / return on investment. Assertive Media takes a unique approach to web marketing. As a specialist SEO Company we have over 10 years of search marketing establishment behind us.

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