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We offer a range of integrated marketing solutions bringing SEO, PPC and Direct Marketing together under one roof. One easy to manage marketing solution with ROI reporting.

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We put your business in front of the correct audience online using display advertising. Feature your business in popular publications, newspapers, magazines, ezines & other locations.

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Search Marketing

If your business is not found on page 1 in Google for target keywords you could potentially be losing out on a significant market share of traffic, our SEO services will help you to reach page 1.

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Pay Per

We setup, configure and manage pay per click campaigns, get the best results at the lowest possible cost with our professional PPC services, we can significantly increase your ROI.

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Google's Pending April 21st Mobile Update

Daniel Foley20th March 2015
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The changing face of Google search for 2015

Daniel Foley 26th November 2014

London SEO Agency Productivity

Search Engine Optimisation - 97%
Pay Per Click- 88%
Web Design & Development - 80%
Social Media Marketing - 91%
TV Advertising - 68%

SMS Project Updates

We are one of the first web marketing agencies to offer frequent project updates by SMS, so if you are frequently on the move and would like frequent updates on work why not enquire about our services?

Available to UK, Europe and International Clients.
As one of the founders of Assertive Media I believe in building strong client relationships and delivering high quality work consistantly. My main specialist skills are search engine optimisation and increasing business return on investment. - Daniel Foley
Samantha heads up our creative team and specialises in Photography, Graphic Design and Media Planning for clients, she brings with her 8 years of experience in Media. Her favourite camera of choice is the Canon 600D. - Samantha Welch
Ram heads up the website development team with specialist knowledge in Microsoft .NET, SQL Server and C# application development. Ram also develops applications for iOS and Android. - Ram Karri
Mark is one of the creative designers in the team, responsible for the development of responsive websites in HTML5, jQuery and CSS. Mark brings with him 12 years of website design experience. - Mark Foley
Jeff Simmons is our sales manager who focuses on bringing in new business, he is also responsible for client management and liasing, Jeff is a frequent point of contact for clients wanting project updates. - Jeff Simmons
Tom is a social media manager and social media planner. Tom heads up the social media team and organises the setup, design and promotion of social media pages for clients. - Tom Steel
Lucy is an SEO account executive who manages various client SEO profiles from on site to off site. She looks after a number of high profile clients as well as providing monthly reports. - Lucy Sapwell
  • Has your business / website managed to reach and hold page 1 in Google UK / COM for it's target keywords? Does your website get enough visitors that turn into buying customers or enquiries? Are you looking for an SEO solution that's created from outside of the box thinkers? Then you are in the right place. With thousands of marketing companies to choose from, it can get a little daunting when the technical jargon gets thrown into the mix.

    At Assertive Media we offer a fast moving, highly independent search engine optimisation service that is easy to understand, with fast and effective results. If you would like a friendly chat with one of our advisers why not give us a call on 0845 299 7642.

    We are a fast growing search marketing agency offering organic search marketing and paid search marketing services, alongside which we provide comprehensive analytical and reporting solutions.
  • Assertive Media has a dedicated and highly qualified Google Adwords team ready to turn your pay per click results around. Achieve page 1 positions for your most profitable terms with the lowest possible cost per click rates.

    Serious businesses need to adopt pay per click and need to ensure that spend is accounted for. Assertive Media offers a comprehensive pay per click solution from campaign setup to phone call conversion tracking."

    Assertive Media will manage campaign spend, ad group setup, keyword quality scores, negative keywords, landing page tracking, enhance CPC, bidding strategies, geo targeting and lots more. Make your pay per click campaign work for your business today!.

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  • If your business does not adopt social media in the correct way then brand awareness and brand development can take much longer to come to fruition. Assertive Media offers a comprehensive social media marketing solution. Designed to promote your brand through the main social media channels, Assertive Media can grow your profiles, followers, likes, interactions and inevitably enquiries / business.

    Social media marketing is a fantastic way to reach new customers, retain old customers and build relationships, it's also a fantastic vehicle for news, promotions, events and more. Assertive Media offers a comprehensive SMM (social media marketing) service.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Our ethos is to have a low client turnover and to have long term working relationships built on reliability and trust. We go as far as we can to deliver results far above expectations. In fact, we are so confident about our work that we offer working arrangements without contract requirements. We work with business in and around London, around the UK and overseas. Our SEO is compliant, and we'll always ensure that the work we carry out is future proof and obides by all of Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

    We care about reputation, we care about results, we are results driven, so you can expect nothing but absolute dedication to getting top of page 1 results in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our SEO, Marketing, Design and Development is ethical, we operate by industry guidelines to ensure you get work that will deliver results well into the future.

    One of the most important aspects of marketing is to generate larger profits. Regardless of the route inbetween, inevitably, profit is critical for ongoing business growth and development. Assertive Media recognises the importance of profit and uses this as a goal when marketing the business through either search engine optimisation, pay per click, social media marketing or direct marketing. Assertive Media can increase your profits by utilising a mix of PPC and SEO carefully balanced to go after quick win's in search. The balance of pay per click and SEO is there so that pay per click substitutes SEO until rankings have increased sufficiently to throttle back pay per click spend.

    All marketing channels should be cost efficient, however it can depend on the industry and the way campaigns are managed. Assertive Media believes the most cost efficient marketing strategy is a blend of pay per click and search engine optimisation. Generally, some of the extra revenue generated by pay per click will be used to fund on-going search engine optimisation so that the client technically avoids spending any of the marketing budget, however this is dependent on the client marketplace.

    Company politics can delay the planning and successful launch of any marketing campaign. Some large bluechip corporations and medium-large businesses will utilise seperate agencies for each marketing channel which can delay decision making, implementation or project communication. Assertive Media can independently setup, run and manage marketing campaigns for clients without the requirement of continual client feedback. Although we can work with any 3rd parties, agencies or marketing manageers, so if your business needs a marketing shake up why not give us a call to see how we can help.

    We provide SEO London & PPC London services to help significantly increase exposure to businesses looking to profit in the UK's capital. Our London web marketing agency provides a wide range of marketing services, social media services and website design & development. If you would like to learn more why not browse our website or give us a call on 0845 299 7642.
    Search engine marketing is a combination of different marketing channels carried out on the internet. The most popular channels are search, display ads and pay per click, which when combined can generate a lot of website traffic and increased business turover. Assertive Media helps businesses fully utilise search engine marketing to get results. We'll increase website traffic, conversions, customer loyalty, conversion rates, social media saturation, brand awareness and more.

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Assertive Media is a London based digital marketing agency offering specialist services to help businesses increase their online exposure and ultimately to increase revenue / return on investment. Assertive Media takes a unique approach to web marketing.

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