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Assertive offers remarketing & retargeting advertising to help
drive additional service/product conversions. Using highly
structured campaigns, Assertive can help drive ROI growth.


Maximise Conversions with Remarketing

If your company isn’t remarketing / retargeting already then there is a good chance that potential conversions are being lost. Using advanced remarketing, ads can be shown to previous website visitors who didn’t make a purchase or enquiry on the first visit.

Using remarketing ads with display targeting, Assertive can help drive conversion increases by showing dedicated ads to warm audiences.

Assertive offers a comprehensive remarketing service to help businesses drive more conversions from existing traffic by reducing the number of abandoning visitors who do not convert 1st visit.

Google Remarketing
Assertive offers full setup & utilisation of Google’s Remarketing Ads via Google Ads.
Facebook Retargeting
If you are looking to remarket to people on Facebook we offer full Facebook Retargeting Services.
Instagram Retargeting
Hit your Instagram audience again with relevant ads if they didn’t convert the first time round.
Twitter Tailored Audiences
Using Twitters Tailored Audiences we can ensure twitter users see your ads at the right times to drive website re-visits.
Case Study
One of our most recent marketing client case studies

Assertive delivered a comprehensive SEO strategy on top of a website re-design & rebuild which helped us to achieve strong growth.

- Dream Cottages (Head of Marketing)

What is Remarketing and Why do I need it?

Remarketing is a form of online advertising that uses peoples previous website visit as a basis for showing relevant ads on partner websites that they may visit. Past visitors will see these ads whilst they are browsing the web, watching Youtube videos, reading news websites or browsing shopping sites.

Remarketing is sometimes referred to as “retargeting” but in essence, they are the same thing.

Businesses should adopt remarketing as historic website visitors are more likely to be “warm” to the product/brand/service – making them far more likely to convert.

How does Remarketing/Retargeting Work?

Remarketing will usually require the implementation of a tracking script. Google Ads for example uses “remarketing tags”, social platforms like Facebook and Instagram also have tags that will need integrating into a website to capture data.

Remarketing requires cookie storage/collection so that they can be identified not only as a historic website visitor but also to track their re-entry to the website in question.

The Google Display Network uses the Adsense Publisher Network, Doubleclick Ad Exchange and Google O&O properties.  Across these networks, display ads can run, making remarketing opportunities quite significant.

Assertive helped us to take advantage of Remarketing/Retargeting – we’ve seen promising results & much higher CTR rates.

Aofie Symmonds – MPL Group

The Benefits of Remarketing

Using remarketing platforms like Google Ad Retargeting is a great way to keep connected to website visitors even after they have left. Over time highly targeted remarketing lists can be generated along with demographic tailoring to significantly increase conversion output.

Your business will see dramatic changes to CTR and lower campaign stagnation (when compared to traditional display ads). Conversion rates will improve, advertising costs will come down & overall ROI will grow.

Key Benefits

    •       Improve Website Conversion Rate


    •       Increase ROI


    •       Increase Brand Awareness & Audience Trust


    •       Reduce Cost per Acquisition / Conversion


    •       Increase CTR
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