10 Most Important SEO Factors for 2020 to Improve Your Rankings‏

‏Google reportedly considers ‏ ‏over 200 ranking factors‏ when serving search engine results. With 2020 fast-approaching, it’s crucial for marketers to optimize their websites for success. ‏

‏Here are the ten most important factors you should be paying more attention to in 2020. Let’s get started!‏


‏1. Relevance

How is your content relevant to your target keywords? Google bots usually crawl websites to get an overall idea of the site structure and identify phrases that are relevant to a particular search term.‏

‏So, if you’re not using keywords and LSI terms in all the right places, your site is likely to miss a spot in the top ranking results for your target keywords. High-quality backlinks to your site also boost your relevancy score.‏


‏2. Website Architecture

Poor website architecture is likely to prevent search engine bots from crawling the essential pages of your site. In this case, search engines will have little information about your site. Besides, a poor structure also confuses visitors.‏

‏Take the time to analyze your site and identify all the pain points in a visitor’s experience. You need to take into account the visual, functional, and technical components of your site design to improve visibility, indexability, and crawlability.‏


‏3. Backlinks‏

Are you investing in growing your backlink profile? How many authoritative websites are linking to your site? Earning quality links improves your site’s trust score and domain authority. As noted before, links also impact your relevancy score.‏

‏You can earn quality links organically by publishing great content. Other experts and content creators will naturally link to your website if they find your information useful and authoritative. You can also get links by contributing to blogs and publications.‏


‏4. Brand Recognition and Trust

‏Brand recognition influences customers‘ purchasing decisions. That’s the reason why popular brands like Coca-Cola and Nike are quite successful. As such, low brand awareness could lead to low CTR in the SERPs.‏

‏You can rank high, but you’re not getting clicks. This means your brand recognition and trust are low. You can turn things around by leverage paid advertising, reviews, and social media marketing to grow your brand identity.‏


‏5. Website Content Authority Coverage

Simply having enough content on your site isn’t enough. According to Google, quality overshadows quantity when it comes to ranking. In fact, quality content is even becoming more important than keywords today.‏

‏Some elements of quality content include informational, entertaining, unique, personal, valuable, and shareable. It should also be well-optimized. So, as you create content, ensure to consider these elements to grow your rankings.‏


‏6. Internal Linking‏

How well are you linking to other posts, resources, and pages within your site? Internal linking helps users to navigate your site, in addition to providing further information. Ideally, it helps to build an informational hierarchy.‏

‏Internal links boost the flow of PageRank around your website. Pages with more internal links are likely to have a higher PageRank. Also, pay attention to the quality of the anchor texts and links. Proper interlinking helps search engine bots to understand the context of each page.‏


‏7. Local SEO‏

Have you taken the time to optimize your site for relevant local search terms? This is particularly essential for service providers, such as dentists, lawyers, plumbers, and more, who target customers in the areas they serve.‏

‏You need to claim your business on ‏ ‏Google My Business ‏ and update your listing with accurate information. Identify all your business’ citations and ensure the NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) details are correct. It’s also necessary to manage customer reviews and ratings as they send signals to search engines that your service and website are trustworthy.‏

‏Most importantly, optimize your website and listings with local keywords, such as SEO services in London, Dentists in London, Restaurants in Bristol etc.


‏8. Above the Fold Content

Above the fold content is basically anything a visitor sees on your website the moment they land on the webpage. Basically, these can be the interest points, which can determine if a visit will continue browsing your site.‏

‏Such content can be the article title, first paragraph, and top portions of your sidebars. The above-the-fold section should have useful information instead of being filled with ads to the extent that it’s hard for a visitor to find the actual content. Having excessive ads above the fold can hurt your rankings.‏


‏9. Mobile-Friendliness

‏Since users access websites and online services on their mobile devices more times than on computers, it’s vital to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. In fact, Google’s ‏ ‏Mobilegeddon update‏ ‏ in 2015 focused on mobile-friendliness.‏

‏According to Google, only mobile-friendly websites will rank higher on mobile search engine results. You can ensure your site is mobile-friendly by getting a responsive theme or template, compressing images, creating a simple design, improving site speed, and avoiding excessive JavaScript and flash.‏


‏10. Google E-A-T‏

How trustworthy is your site? This what ‏ ‏Google E-A-T guidelines ‏ are all about: Evaluating whether users can trust you. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust.‏

‏You can implement E-A-T guidelines by creating quality content and updating the existing content to fulfill the set criteria. Manage your online reputation through press coverage, guest posts, reviews, and testimonials. Also, show expertise on every page by adding your bio and profile pic.‏


‏Final Thoughts‏

As you develop your 2020‏ ‏ internet marketing strategy‏, pay attention to the factors highlighted above. The success of your strategy will largely depend on how well you implement these factors. The time to implement them is now if you want to see great results come 2020.‏

‏You already know that the online marketing sphere is quite dynamic, with regular algorithm updates from Google. Strive to stay abreast of all updates, and ensure your site meets all the essential ranking requirements.