Google’s New Search Interface Empowers Mobile Users with Faster Results

There has probably never been a device that has transformed our lifestyles to such an extent. The mobile phone has actually redefined the way we work, play, and lend quality to our lives. From paying bills, booking tickets, shopping, connecting over social media, streaming your favourite video or music, or just searching for a plumber in your locality, it would seem impossible to function without a mobile device. Seriously, when was the last time you stepped out without purposefully taking your phone with you? The mobile app industry is growing by leaps and bounds with a gazillion applications flooding the market.

Ushering in a new era

The digital revolution has most certainly gone mobile and this is just the tip of the ice berg. As per recent studies, it has been projected that close to 60% of the global population will have access to mobile internet. There has been close to a 20% rise in the sales of smart phones globally in the year 2014 alone, there has been an influx of close to 500 million new mobile devices and connections. The smart phone has become increasingly common accounting for close to 30% of mobile handset sales globally.

It’s intriguing to note that more than 60% of the global population has access to a 3G network, which shows that mobile internet usage has already or will inevitably surpass other mediums through which we access the internet, the desktop computer for instance.

Bogged Down

That being said, the quality of the mobile internet experience has been marred due to low connectivity and slow speeds. You have probably often run into situations where your mobile device fails to deliver as required when you needed it the most due to a slow connection. Connectivity and speed of your mobile connection may vary depending on a wide array of factors such as your location and the number of users in your network in your locality. This is why although you may have a connection that your service provider claims to have high speed, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to experience that level of speed for most of the time. Often during peak usage times like in the evenings, you have minimal to now connectivity through your mobile device.

The Solution

Well, Google took a step forward to provide a solution for this global problem by tweaking their search engine interface making it possible for you to experience higher speeds even if you have a poor mobile connection. Basically, the search interface has been stripped down to ensure that search results are accessible faster even if you are in an area where connectivity is poor.

Google recently announced the release of this toned down interface and stated that the new interface would enable the user to gain access to any kind of information they would require in a flash regardless of mobile connection speeds. The best part of the interface is that you really are not required to download anything extra. The light version kicks in automatically whenever your device fails to gain access to a high speed connection.

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