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Mobile Application Development

Assertive Media offers mobile application development services for all major operating platforms including Android, Windows Mobile, Windows RT, Apple iOS. Applications can also be produced for Blackberry or Symbian (Legacy).  If you require a custom application for your business then look no further than Assertive Media.

We can develop applications that will perform any number of features and functions from camera utilisation to mobile versions of a websites ecommerce platform so that visitors can shop directly from a mobile application.

If your business requires an application to represent the website, products or services then we can help. Our developers are experienced in producing interfaces, mapping in functionality and releasing apps on Google Play and Apples app store. Some common application types we deal with include:

  • Mobile app versions of the website
  • Dynamic product catalogues
  • Service App (lists a business’s services and allows for instant enquiries)
  • Product App (lists products by category or preference so users can buy online)


Our applications are all built to a provided specification. If as a business you just want an application so that people can utilise your website from an app style interface we can also do this for you, it would mirror your websites appearance but in an app format with interactive buttons and features.

  • Can I have an app for both iOS and Android?

    Yes, we can provide an application for all your required target platforms, whether it be multiple or single platform. Extra charges apply for each port of the app that is required, i.e. you will be charged individually per platform as the coding for an app between platforms is completely unique.

  • Can I have the application completely customised?

    Yes, application design and functionality is completely up to you as a client. We can provide designs and recommended layouts or you can provide them as an alternate option. Any colours, styles or layout is usable, font’s however are dependent on website platform, or if the font is to be image based or to utilise standard system fonts.

    In the beginning stages of the project Assertive Media will work on a series of designs, wireframes and template layouts unless a template / design is provided.

    Application functionality is also completely customisable, this will need to be discussed with a representative.

  • Can I have a dynamic app that will work with websites and databases?

    Yes, we can develop apps and server based services to deal with requests from apps to integrate and work with websites, this will be particularly useful for eCommerce websites or websites with booking systems i.e. Property websites, Holiday websites etc.

    We can develop apps that work with a website database to share and exchange data on the fly.

    Additional services are required for this, particular server based services which will incur an additional cost.

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  • How much does mobile application development cost?

    Costs for mobile applications start at just £99, however this is based on a generic application with a basic interface and services. Customised apps will require a quote which is free and no obligation. If you are looking for mobile application development and would like to speak to an adviser call 0845 299 7642 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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Getting a Mobile Application for your Business

A mobile application is a great way to allow customers and new potential customers to find your business, services, products and more. From the comfort of a mobile phone visitors could potentially order your products and or services from an application, alternatively they can use the app to find out more about your business, products, services, news and updates. Getting a mobile application can be seen as a difficult task by some as understanding the framework and procedure can be a little complicated. However, with Assertive Media we will discuss your requirements and will lead you from start to finish to ensure
you get the application you are looking for with the correct features and functionality.


Please note that mobile phone applications are designed to run on standard versions of operating systems, any OS that has been modified i.e. Rooted or Jailbroken could fail to run particular software.