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Display Advertising


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Are you looking for a paid display campaign that delivers?

Assertive Media offers a comprehensive one stop solution for paid display ad campaigns, product or service ad campaigns and brand awareness campaigns.

Display ad campaigns and display advertising involves the use of online display networks to drive targeted adverts to relevant users across relevant websites. Using cookie data, targeted ad data, capture data and more, ads can be personalised to each user with great accuracy. Our display advertising networks reach over 100 million people a year at a fraction of the cost when compared to channels such as pay per click.

Below are some of the display ad campaign options and costs available:

  • Entry level brand awareness display campaign from £295 per month

  • Standard display campaign – Brand awareness & product / service promotion from £495 per month

  • Enhanced brand campaign – Saturated brand & product / service promotion from £695 per month

  • Customised brand campaign – customise exposure for brand, products, services & more from £750 per month

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is a marketing channel which takes custom ads (designed either by us or clientside) and places it in front of the right audience online. Millions of websites online display ads to generate revenue, the ads displayed are dependant on a web users search habits, website history etc. This means that people who are searching for your product, business, brand or service will be served an ad promoting your company (brand), product or service.
Assertive Media will create your campaign, ads (promoting either brand, product, service or all) and will ensure they are served to the right audience online. We’ll do all the leg work, we’ll also report on your campaigns performance and ROI (if your website permits granular tracking).

“Display advertising is an incredibly powerful marketing channel because it’s highly targeted and very cost effective.”

If you need your business showing in front of the right audience but you have a limited budget then Display Advertising is a recommended advertising/marketing channel.

Components of Display Advertising

There are multiple processes involved in Display Advertising including but not limited to:

  • Understanding the business, brand, product and/or service
  • Learning about the marketplace, competitors, competitor advertising
  • Creating high quality ads in different display formats and sizes
  • Testing ads and running an introductory campaign
  • Setup ad targets, keyword targets
  • Utilise remarketing options
  • Setting up ad-schedules
  • Monitoring traffic / click through rates
  • Looking at ROI monitoring / tracking
  • Generating reports

Combination of Display Advertising Channels

Assertive Media can utilise some or all marketing channels available to deliver an effective and powerful marketing campaign that will generate a positive return on investment whilst significantly increasing brand awareness, website traffic, organic website positions and much much more.

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Assertive Media offers a completely integrated marketing service covering SEO, PPC, Social Media, PR, E-Mail Marketing, TV & Radio Advertising and Direct Marketing.