Google Penalty Recovery

Assertive offers a comprehensive penalty recovery service
designed to clear manual and automated algorithmic
penalties that may be applied due to non-compliant SEO
techniques, spammy links or grey/black hat SEO.

Manual & Automated Penalty Recovery Service

What’s Involved with Penalty Recovery

Initial Website Traffic Analysis
We first need to ascertain if a penalty exists & what type of penalty it is.
Historic Activity Analysis
We build a profile of your website / domain & marketing activity to understand historic SEO efforts.
Technical & Content Analysis
Assertive will verify if there are any technical issues & content issues that could encourage a Google Penalty.
Link Networks or PBNs
Assertive will review a domain link profile to ascertain if it appears to be a part of a PBN (personal blog network).
Full Link Audit
Assertive will review a websites entire link profile with amalgamated link data to find and identify poor quality / spammy links.
Link Disavow
All audited links will be reviewed. Poor quality / spam or questionable links will be submitted via a Disavow.
Reconsideration Request
Assertive will submit a reconsideration request once satisfied that the website & domain profile is compliant.
Domain & Brand Protection via ORM
After successful penalty removal, we’ll help to maintain protection against Negative SEO / Spam / Negative Reputation.
Case Study
One of our most recent marketing client case studies

Assertive helped us out of an algorithmic penalty, built us a new website and delivered an SEO campaign that lead to significant traffic growth. We’ve seen over a 100% increase in Organic after 2 years of being stuck in a Google Penalty which previous agencies failed to solve.

- Nikki Tollafield (Head of Marketing)
Organic Traffic Increase
Bounce Rate Reduction

What is a Google Penalty?

How to Recover from a Penalty

We’d been in an algorithmic penalty for more than 2 years, Assertive helped us out of a penalty whilst previous agencies had failed.

Nikki Tollafield –

How long to recover from a penalty?

What We’ll Do

    •       We’ll Identify & Remove Any Penalties


    •       We’ll Help Regenerate Lost Rankings & Traffic 


    •       We’ll Restore Brand Reputation


    •       We’ll Protect Against Future Penalties
Client Testimony
What our clients say about the service we deliver.

What Types of Penalties Exist?

Algorithm Changes

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