Recover Your Google Rankings FAST

If your website has been given a Google Penalty and your websites rankings have vanished then we can help get your rankings back on track. We offer fast, effective penalty recovery services.

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Google Penalty Recovery Service

What’s Involved with Penalty Cleanup and Removal

1. Initial Website Traffic Analysis
We first need to ascertain if a penalty exists & what type of penalty it is.
2. Historic Activity Analysis
We build a profile of your website / domain & marketing activity to understand historic SEO efforts.
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3. Technical & Content Analysis
Assertive will verify if there are any technical issues & content issues that could encourage a Google Penalty such as spammy schema.
4. Link Networks or PBNs
Assertive will review a domain link profile to ascertain if it appears to be a part of a PBN (personal blog network).
5. Full Link Audit
Assertive will review a websites entire link profile with amalgamated link data to find and identify poor quality / spammy links.
6. Link Disavow
All audited links will be reviewed. Poor quality / spam or questionable links will be submitted via a Disavow to Google’s Search Engine.
7. Reconsideration Request
Assertive will submit a reconsideration request once satisfied that the website & domain profile is compliant.
8. Domain & Brand Protection via ORM
After successful penalty removal, we’ll help to maintain protection against Negative SEO / Spam / Negative Reputation.We monitor search engine results for negative content.
Case Study
One of our most recent marketing client case studies

Friendly team who deliver what they promise! They helped us out of a Persistent Google penalty & delivered an SEO strategy that substantially increased our organic traffic. I would highly recommend Assertive Media to anyone looking to improve their companies organic visibility!

- Quick Move Now (Head of Marketing)

What is a Google Penalty?

How to Recover from a Penalty

Have you seen a sudden loss of rankings / website traffic?

We’d been in an algorithmic penalty for more than 2 years, Assertive helped us out of a penalty whilst previous agencies had failed. They offer exceptional Google Penalty Recovery Services.

Nikki Tollafield –

How long does it take to recover from a Google penalty or Manual action?

What We’ll Do

    •       We’ll Identify & Remove Any Manual Penalties


    •       We’ll Help Regenerate Lost Rankings & Traffic 


    •       We’ll Restore Search Engines Rankings, Brand Reputation & Digital Marketing Growth


    •       We’ll Protect Against Future Penalties & we’ll keep search engine results clean
Client Testimony
What our clients say about the service we deliver.

Common Reasons for a Google Penalty

Algorithm Changes

What Types of Google Penalty Exist?

Do I have a Google Penalty?

Why use Assertive for your Penalty Clearance?

How to recover from a Google Penalty?

Why do Google Penalties Happen?

Why did I get a Google Penalty?

How do I avoid getting a Penalty?

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