Google Voice Search Optimisation

“OK Google” how do I get my business to be mentioned for relevant questions and queries? Well, that’s where we come in. We can optimise your websites content & business setup to drive up
prominence in Google Voice Searches.

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Be Found for Google Voice Searches – OK Google, Let’s Get Started

Google Voice Search – How we can help

Content Quality Optimisation
We optimise content, making it short, punchy and factually correct.
Voice Search Research
We’ll identify what OK Googler’s are saying when it comes to your niche/services/products.
Structured Data Management
We’ll implement the correct structured data to increase your chances of being mentioned in Google Voice Search.
Content Authority
We’ll help build content authority to drive up the probability of being mentioned on OK Google for Questions & Answers.
Google My Business Auditing
We’ll audit your My Business listing & Optimise for Google Voice Search, Making Data Correct i.e. Opening Hours
Voice Search Monitoring
We’ll monitor and report back on OK Google Voice Search Data for your campaign.
Case Study
One of our most recent marketing client case studies

Assertive helped us to drive organic growth on the back of a new website & content strategy. We’ve seen strong improvements for a diverse range of keywords.

- SCI-MX (Head of Marketing)

Why Businesses Should Take Advantage of Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search Statistics

    •       Estimated search marketplace share in excess of 50% by 2020


    •       Voice search likely to overtake mobile text searches by 2025


    •       1 in 4 shoppers used voice assistants with holiday shopping 2017/2018 seasons


    •       72% of people who own voice activated devices say that they are likely to use their speakers as part of their daily routine


      •       UK Voice Search marketplace to grow to over £5 billion – for retail/sales


      •       UK voice search for local businesses increased 8-fold in 2018



OK Google searches for Local Businesses in the UK is projected to grow by more than 10x in 2019 into 2020.

eMarket Research

OK Google – Where’s the nearest…..

What We’ll Do

    •       Optimise your Google My Business Listing


    •       Strengthen Brand Authority


    •       Implement SCHEMA/Structured Data


    •       Optimise Content for Voice Search

Taking Advantage of Questions & Answers

SCHEMA & SCHEMA 2 for Voice Searches

Client Testimony
What our clients say about the service we deliver.
Client Testimony
What our clients say about the service we deliver.

Google Voice Search Optimisation

How Long does Optimisation for Voice Search Take?

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