Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO based on the principle that its better to follow the guidelines set by the major search engines rather than try to game them.


Ethical SEO relies on tactics and strategies that search engines consider to be acceptable.

Its based on the principle of following the guidelines set by the major search engines rather than trying to deceive them (Black Hat SEO) using deceptive or hidden techniques such as hidden text, keyword stuffing, and page cloaking.

More about ethical SEO

By adopting an ethical approach, SEO consultants ensure that websites are optimised for search engines and not at risk of being penalised or even de-indexed for using banned tactics.

The temptation to push quickly to the top of rankings can be very strong, but any short-term gains can be outweighed by the risk of being punished by a search engine for bad behaviour.

While it may have been possible to game search engines in the past, their algorithms are getting better at detecting Black Hat techniques. Brands are encouraged to focus on creating the best content and websites rather than trying to trick both search engines and their users.

One of the most effective Ethical SEO techniques is Content Marketing, and updating sites regularly with high-quality content valued by users. Quality is important, meaning informative, unique, and original. Content copied from elsewhere or using excessive keywords or anchor text could be interpreted by search engines as a Black Hat strategy, and see site rankings penalised.