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Assertive is a Top Rated SEO agency in London that delivers results, success and growth for clients in the online landscape. We’re a recommended marketing agency with a background in delivering ROI driven campaigns – More Traffic, More Leads, More Revenue.

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Assertive helped us to drive organic growth on the back of a new website & content strategy. We’ve seen strong improvements for a diverse range of keywords.

- SCI-MX (Head of Marketing)

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“Our SEO Experts have over 18 years experience delivering SEO strategies.”


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Using an SEO agency brings many advantages – namely a fully integrated team of industry experts in search engine optimisation, digital marketing, recognised SEO specialists & creative digital strategists. Using SEO agencies like Assertive – we bring our inhouse expertise, age and extensive experience to the table, achieving huge organic growth for clients in a wide array of industries including SEO for Healthcare, SEO for Finance, SEO for eCommerce & Retail, SEO for industry & more. 

Our in-house SEO professionals offer pooled knowledge, allowing them to research, understand your business and your SEO objectives, understand your target audience, behaviour and demographics – all of which are combined to bring unparalleled SEO knowledge to the table.  Our SEO strategies are effective, delivering strong growth in both B2B and B2C markets, driving up revenue off the back of MORE Organic Traffic, Increased AUDIENCE engagement, BETTER allocation of advertisement spend & the goal of making SEO profitable (positive ROI).

Unlike countless other pop up agencies out there, we’ve been around a long time – honing our team and building technical expertise that has been amassed from countless hours of algorithm analysis, end-user testing, SEO automation, SEO activities & more. We’ve developed professional ERP (Easily Repeatable Processes) to automate cumbersome aspects of SEO, leaving our team to focus more on building high-quality content, backlinks and outreach, digital PR and driving up user engagement on your website.

Search Marketing Services

For companies looking to rank locally in a single or multiple locations for localised search terms from london SEO to Milton Keynes.
Suitable for companies who have received a manual or automated Google penalty.
Fundamental for any SEO campaign, suitable for businesses looking to gain insight into their search marketplace.
Suitable for all Companies looking for a websites structural SEO compliance to be improved.
Be more prominent in Google Map Listings, Suitable for All Businesses.
Essential for businesses looking to enhance their visibility & to become an authority within their niche & social media domination.
Advanced SEO to take advantage of Google Technologies including Voice Search, Rich Snippets, Knowledge-box & More.
Essential for all businesses & fundamental for any SEO campaign. Build authority, improve organic positions.
SEO Solutions for Large & Corporate Clients with Tailored SEO & Consultancy services relying on London SEO.
Essential for all SEO strategies, improve engagement, improve conversions & drive recognition of site value.
Voice Search solutions to help businesses earn more voice traffic and more online visibility.
Full SEO for WordPress including Page Speed Improvements, Google Lighthouse Improvements, Content Optimisation & More.

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Our Approach


We audit your website URL to understand your existing SEO results (or lack thereof) as well as general UX and web design factors. We’ll audit your Google Search Console and Google Analytics Data to understand current organic visibility, how users interact with your website, your business online & brand. We’ll produce a report breaking down your organic traffic, key technical issues and the SEO process required to implement fixes.


We prepare a search marketing strategy & structured seo strategy to improve your website, content, links, authority and to improve end users browing experience & to make sure they get a landing page that’s a perfect match to searched for keywords. We can also incorporate social media strategies & PPC optimisation.


Implementation – here we adjust any technical SEO elements, improve web design for enhanced UX, we assess search results for SCHEMA and rich snippet opportunities, we create content briefs, product new landing page content and enhance content relevance / intent relevance to target keywords & we deploy an incredibly powerful marketing plan that proves SEO works, not just for now but for the forseeable future.


We begin an outreach & content marketing campaign to build high quality links, digital PR, brand trust & more to deliver incredible organic search growth. Watch rankings & traffic climb as we deliver search engine results that go far beyond what you’d get anywhere else. Our SEO reporting and rank tracking tools will keep you in the loop regularly so you can see long term results take shape more quickly.

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Assertive is your next SEO agency in London, why? because we’re all about organic results – we live and breathe natural search marketing & our highly experienced SEO experts are the reason why UK and International Businesses choose Assertive as their SEO company & digital marketing partner.

What are the benefits of working with Assertive?

There are too many to list, we’ve recruited and trained some of the best London SEO technicians as part of our team to deliver exceptional SEO strategies to propel your websites rankings to the top of search results. Because we’re fully integrated, we can sort web design issues out, improve web design for UX and engagement, we can even give your social media strategy a make-over – we’re the swiss army knife of digital marketing agencies in London.

Get in contact with us today to see our our leading SEO services can help your website enjoy the fruits of a successful seo strategy – we have a wide range of complementary services from Google Tag Manager implementation through to the integration and setup of Google Analytics 4.

Our marketing specialists will work with you to hit business objectives, drive strong growth, build a wider customer base, reduce legacy business owner involvement & drive a better alignment between your website and search engine algorithms.

Demonstrated Return on investment

Big Data Driven & Analytical

Progressive Sustainable Results

Powerful Collaborative Tools

Growth & Results Focused

Highly Structured Campaign Management

SEO strategies that deliver incredible search rankings

From content optimisation through to the optimisation of web pages, keyword research, improved website design through to applying the latest technologies and SEO trends off the back of an SEO audit – Assertive understands the complexities of search engine optimisation and the general premise of making your website fast, easy to use, aligned with your target audience & to provide an exceptional user experience. Your audience shouldn’t be plagued by poor web design or a wide range of SEO issues that disrupt anything from a click to conversion, your domain should oooze site authority, it should command recognition and trust.

From whichever starting point your business may be at, we’ll deliver like any good SEO company should – whether you rank at the bottom of page 1 or the top of page 10 of search results pages, we’ll execute the best marketing campaign & content creation strategy possible.

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