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Case Study
One of our most recent marketing client case studies

Assertive helped to deliver an array of website design and development projects for Oxford City Council including Direct Services & Oxfordshire Growth Board.

- Oxford City Council (Head of Marketing)

Mobile Application Examples

Digitally Inspired Mobile Applications

Assertive’s mobile solutions enable businesses to leverage more traffic, engagement & conversion through mobile platforms. We’ve helped businesses to adopt mobile apps to grow sales, enquiries and revenue.

We’re experts in the mobile field, developing powerful applications on dynamic frameworks that allow smart, intelligent app functionality to deliver better mobile apps. From advanced CRM and customer interaction platforms through to complete commerce frameworks.

Our mobile applications are 100% customised towards each clients individual needs/ideas and goals.

We build mobile apps for iPhone, iPads, Android Phones, Windows Phones & Cross-Platform. 


The mobile application designed & developed by Assertive has offered our customers more ways of staying connected to our business. We’d highly recommend.

Fully Integrated Mobile Solutions

Assertive prides itself on being able to offer businesses comprehensive mobile solutions covering mobile design testing, conversion optimisation, speed & security improvements, functionality enhancement  and marketing – all under one roof.

We’ve helped businesses across the UK and worldwide with mobile website testing, re-design and re-development. Improving mobile website performance, not just from a technical aspect but also from a revenue generation perspective – we make mobile websites better so that they convert more!

Mobile Application Solutions

Assertive provides a comprehensive range of mobile application solutions for businesses.

We provide full mobile application design, design planning & schematics, UX framework design & concepts of how the application would look at each functionality stage.
We can design & build full mobile application frameworks that can integrate with third party technology & services via Bluetooth, GPRS, Wifi, NFC.
If you are looking for a full iOS / Android application as a tailored package we can design, build and submit apps from scratch including submission to app stores.
Assertive can provide dynamic augmented reality applications that overlay dynamic content over camera feeds. We can also provide VR apps with custom functionality.
Assertive provides full mobile application testing to ensure applications work cross-device with no issues.
Assertive can provide mobile tool platforms customised to client specifications from banking solutions through to healthcare apps.

Why Work with Assertive?

We’re Specialised


Our mobile application development team includes specialists with more than 10 years experience each within the mobile apps field. Our specialists are fully conversant in mobile technology, frameworks & sustainable coding to ensure a long app lifespan.

Agile Solutions


Assertive provides agile mobile application solutions with fast process management & delivery. Assertive can deliver complex mobile applications & frameworks in as little as 8 weeks. We’ve provided corporate businesses with bespoke mobile solutions time and time again.

Dynamic, Responsive, Reliable


Assertive are an established business providing comprehensive mobile application solutions to businesses in the UK & Worldwide. We’re responsive, reliable & we deliver on time.

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