Conversion And Enquiry Tracking

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PPC Conversion and Enquiry Tracking


Conversion tracking is a critical part of any pay per click campaign for businesses attempting to measure return on investment, campaign performance and marketing success. Conversion tracking can even apply to websites that are not commerce based. For example, a pay per click campaign may be used to drive customers through the door of a shop, in which case, customer actions based on PPC count as a conversion even if the customer does not purchase.

Conversion tracking is key and should always be taken into consideration regardless of industry or target markets. It is important to quantify pay per click spend so that return on investment can be measured.

Conversion tracking will typically involve various stages from visitors entering the website through a landing page through to a point of sale be it online or offline. Online conversion tracking is measureable either through Google Analytics, Adwords or other commerce tracking platforms. Commerce websites or sites which transact online are more straightforward as API’s, code and snippets can be implemented to feedback conversion data to analytics, non commerce sites can track goals such as enquiry form completions or even page views.

Offline conversion tracking will require input from members of the business to establish where customers have come from / found the business, this is generally done by a verbal request or throughout a purchase stage on paper.

  • What does conversion tracking involve?

  • How can I use conversion tracking data to improve marketing efforts?

  • How can Assertive Media help with Conversion Tracking?

  • How much does it cost?

Do you know what your spend generated as a return?

The answer for this question should always be “YES”, if your business is not aware of the revenue generated as a result of spend then conversion tracking would be an ideal path.

Conversion tracking will show each marketing channel and the revenue that has gone into each channel vs the revenue the channel has generated as a return. Sometimes however this is not always straightforward, websites that do not sell online do not always have monetary values assigned to services, therefore it is up to the business to track enquiry / service revenue and how the enquiry came about.

Measuring Return on Investment Effectively (ROI)

Measuring return on investment can be a tricky process, especially for websites which are not commerce based. If the website represents a business where clients pay for a service then there needs to be attribution. Generally, Assertive Media would help a business generate an attribution model which would allow revenue to be calculated by source of enquiry / lead generation. The only problem with this is that the data is not always 100% accurate, some customers may forget where they saw an advert / how they found the business, so not all actions can be attributed for.

Assertive Media can help businesses setup a conversion tracking platform and method that will allow for the calculation of ROI through conversion tracking, this can be used to analyse spend vs. return.

Tracking Independent Marketing Channels & Sources

Assertive Media can assist with implementing tracking solutions that partition data between marketing channels such as paid search, organic search, referral visit, direct visit etc. Assertive Media can also integrate tracking for commerce platforms, dynamic telephone number tracking, enquiry form tracking and more. The data to be captured is dependent on the website and it’s configuration. Assertive Media uses the most granular tracking solutions possible to capture as much data as possible.
Our tracking can cover:

  • Paid Search Sales / Enquiries
  • Organic Search Sales / Enquiries
  • Social Media Search Sales / Enquiries
  • Referral Search Sales / Enquiries
  • Direct Search Sales / Enquiries
  • Display Advertising Search Sales / Enquiries
  • The conversion tracking solutions can also overcome:

  • Visitors who may dial the telephone number on a website to make an enquiry
  • Users who previously visited either through PPC / SEO, left the website and came back as a direct visitor
  • Filtering of repeat visitors vs new visitors

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