Multivariate Testing

Exceptional Multivariate Testing Solutions

Similar to A/B Testing, Multivariate testing covers the more
intricate testing at page level across more than 2 variants,
otherwise known as an ABC test.

Assertive helped us to recover after a website re-design left us suffering significant conversion rate drops. They suggested multivariate testing, we let them get on – the results were very promising.

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Who do we do MVT Testing for?

MVT Testing is suitable for any business looking to improve overall website performance both in engagement and conversion. MVT is also ideal for businesses that want to introduce new website technology or layouts without the risk of sudden negative performance drops associated with site re-design / platform changes.

What’s Involved

Multivariate testing is bespoke, each service will vary depending on campaign objectives, website platform/design.

Assertive reviews all Google analytics user behaviour data to ascertain user experience, general conversion performance, engagement & key opportunities for improvement.
Assertive amalgamates user behaviour data to generate a hypotheses / framework for A/B landing page experiments. This data is used to create a focus and to decide which pages to experiment with.
Assertives internal design/development team can construct new page mock-ups to be used as part of the testing, we can provide the design as well as providing full cut up and implementation.
Assertive will run 1 or more experiments at any given time. The data will be analysed in-depth using additional tools including Google Optimise, HotJar, TrafficTruffle, Analytics & more.
We can setup new website templates as part of a testing framework as well as deploying designs from successful experiments.
Utilising tools such as HotJar & SiteGainer, we can better understand click and scroll behaviour cross-platform / cross-device.

Why Work with Us?

We’re Specialised


Assertive has a long-track record of using A/B split testing to help businesses convert more & to engage more with website traffic. Assertive carries over 10 years of skills around split testing, data analysis and implementation.

We’re Result Focused


The end result is what matters as well as time & budget. Assertive can quickly and effectively setup tests that yield results in short-time frames. Our primary focus is on making improvements be it engagement, conversion or both.

We’re Adaptive


We test, test and test again – the data is averaged to give us a true picture of what works and what does not. We’re adaptive and reactive to changes in the marketplace that may impact on user behaviour (in general / at niche level).

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Modern SEO – The End Users Behaviour

We Make Websites Work for People

Modern SEO relies more on user behaviour as Google moves to better understand how people use websites. A users website actions can dictate the quality of a website. If Google notices that a website consistently fails to meet the needs of end users than the organic rankings of that website can suffer a decline. Our CRO services are double-sided in that they also help to leverage better organic rankings.