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Unconventional Ways People Landed Their Dream Jobs


If you need sound advice on how to land your dream job, there’s plenty of it on the internet. Yet estimates show that more than 174 million people worldwide will be unemployed in 2020.

What defines high-quality links in 2019 and how to get them?


Links are a way for users to get relevant information on the internet. They are also a ranking factor for your pages. Of the 200+ ranking factors, Google is known to use, links share the top three spots with content and RankBrain.

Transition from High Street to Online Retailer


As the high street takes a pummeling in 2018 what are high streets doing to combat the loss of revenue to online retailing giants like Amazon and eBay?….

How AI Is Influencing SEO for A Better Search Engine Experience


What do you think is the average search numbers for Google per day? Can’t think of a number, right? Well, the number is in the billions but what is more amazing is the accuracy of those searches.

Security Tips for Small Businesses to Detect Insider Threats


The majority of small businesses today have security measures in place to combat external threats. But threats that surface from within the company….

6 Ways to tell whether an SEO Agency will be effective


Search for an SEO agency and you’ll get plenty of results, it’s a competitive industry, and new companies seem to be popping up all the time….