Additional Legal Information relating to Assertive & Associated Entities including Insurance, Establishment & Complaints.


Assertive (formerly Assertive Media) is a UK based digital marketing / conversion rate optimisation agency that was established in 2007. Assertive belongs to the Angel & Kensington group.

Assertive is a sister company to Illumin IT providing a comprehensive service set including but not limited to development, infrastructure, business development and consultancy.

Assertive Media Solutions Ltd is a company founded in the United Kingdom under the laws set out under the companies act. Our company number is 08154480.

Assertive Media Solutions Ltd holds public liability insurance with Hiscox.

Protecting Your Data

Assertive works to protect client data as well as complying with data regulations regarding the collection, processing and storing of data. Assertive processes data in accordance with GDPR rules.

Assertive does not accept liability for data loss if the information provided by a third party is not encrypted / protected sufficiently.

Assertive works to protect sensitive client information using encryption.

Assertive is not liable for any losses or damages that occur from data breaches that may result from client negligence.