Quick Move Now

Quick Move Now is the UK’s leading Property Cash Buyer involved with the cash purchase of properties. Quick Move Now provide home-owners with a quick and painless way to sell a property fast.

Organic Traffic Increase
Increase in Enquiries

The Client

Quick Move Now is one of the UK’s leading Property Cash Buyers having been established over 20 years & having brought over 5,500 houses.  Quick Move Now offer home owners a faster way to sell their home without the hassle of property chains, legal fees & other conventional factors.

Quick Move Now approached Assertive in 2016 looking for an SEO solution. Having assessed their website & rankings it was clear that the clients website was impacted by an automated Google penalty.

On site technical issues plagued the website along with UX issues, accessibility issues & more. The clients website was also running a bespoke CMS making editing far more laborious & difficult.

The Challenge with Quick Move Now

The challenge with Quick Move Now was to deliver an SEO strategy whilst under a Google Penalty with a Website running on an inflexible CMS alongside other issues.

The other issue was also that the Property Cash Buyer marketplace is extremely competitive with average CPC’s northwards of £30 per click. Alongside the niche is also known for negative SEO / aggregate spam / Blackhat.

Assertive’s initial challenge was to help the client out of an algorithmic/automated penalty – something that previous agencies had failed to do.

  • Audit the website and performance issues
  • Ascertain Google Penalty and Likely Causes
  • Help File Staged Disavow’s
  • Move Client from Bespoke CMS to Open Source CMS
  • Update Design & Make User Experience Improvements
  • Improve Site Speed & Integrate SCHEMA
  • Undertake a comprehensive link building/acquisition campaign
  • Content Consolidation Strategy
  • Increase long-tail keyword coverage
  • Drive up keyword rankings for highly competitive terms

The Goals with Quick Move Now

  • Improve Organic Rankings for a Wide Array of Known Converting Keywords
  • Removal of Google Penalty
  • Design & Build New Website on New CMS
  • Content Consolidation Strategy
  • Reduce POGOing (returning to Google)
  • Running A/B Experiments for Landing Pages
  • Improve Site Speed & Integrate SCHEMA
  • Improve Site UX
  • Increase Enquiries
  • Increase Domain Authority

The Results We Achieved


Increase in Organic Traffic in 12 Months

Penalty Free

In just 3 months


Increase in Enquiries

Traffic Growth & Keyword Coverage

Snapshot from SEMRUSH Reflecting Volume of Ranking Keywords

Snapshot from SEMRUSH Reflecting Traffic Growth

The data collected and shown by SEMRUSH is below the actual results that Assertive acheived. SEMRUSH is a third party tool it cannot reflect true traffic/keyword growth although it is a good indicator of performance growth.

The Strategy for Quick Move Now

The strategy for Quick Move Now was to provide an initial site audit alongside a link/spam audit, a site history audit & wayback review. After evaluating the business, metrics, site performance and issues, Assertive put together a strategy & timeline of execution.

The first goals were to have the penalty lifted and to help move the website from a closed source CMS to open source CMS to significantly improve site management & editing capabilities.

On top of the site CMS migration, Assertive also updated and improved the design, improved usability and added features to improve user experience / data accessibility.

The strategy was then to conduct a comprehensive SEO campaign with a goal to generate traffic to convert into enquiries. As Quick Move Now were running PPC, we had access to keyword & conversion data that was leveraged as part of the SEO strategy. Using this data we focused on priority core-terms followed by long-tail.

Using a systemic approach, we executed a mix of SEO / UX and CRO tasks to improve website engagement, improve content quality, consolidate similar content pages, improve navigation, improve site performance, build links in-directly into the domain, leverage CTR growth and drive up overall average positions.

What We Did for Quick Move Now

Helped Remove a Google Penalty

Assertive worked to remove a long-standing, persistent Google Penalty that had been in-place for over 4 years. This involved a tactical approach given that previous disavow / penalty removal tactics had not worked. Using a more manual approach, we re-evaluated the domain link profile and disavowed more links in groups.

Focusing on a link clean-up as well as site quality improvements we were able to lift the Google Penalty, helping new traffic and keywords to flourish.

Site CMS Migration & New Design

Assertive helped to move Quick Move Now away from an inflexible CMS platform to an open source CMS platform that offered a much better editing interface as well as more capabilities in terms of functionality.

Whilst undertaking CMS migration, Assertive provided updated designs as part of the theme cut-up and mapping phase, alongside this new items such as Mega Menu were integrated offering a better navigation direct into core pages.

New SEO Strategy

Assertive then launched a new SEO stategy on the new updated website – penalty free domain. This included significant content consolidation to reduce site-wide thin content, external to internal link building, user experience & conversion experiments, site performance enhancements, SCHEMA integration, CTR improvements, new content, improved UX & more.

The SEO strategy helped to leverage strong ranking growth within a 12 month window along with strong traffic growth.

What the Client Says

Friendly team who deliver what they promise! I would highly recommend Assertive Media to anyone looking to improve their companies organic visibility!


Nikki Tollafield – Head of Marketing