Quick Move Now

Quick Move Now is the UK’s leading Property Cash Buyer involved with the cash purchase of properties. Quick Move Now provide home-owners with a quick and painless way to sell a property fast.

Quick Move Now

Quick Move Now is one of the UK’s leading Property Cash Buyers having been established over 20 years & having brought over 5,500 houses. Quick Move Now offer home owners a faster way to sell their home without the hassle of property chains, legal fees & other conventional factors.

Quick Move Now approached Assertive in 2016 looking for an SEO solution. Having assessed their website & rankings it was clear that the clients website was impacted by an automated Google penalty.

On site technical issues plagued the website along with UX issues, accessibility issues & more. The clients website was also running a bespoke CMS making editing far more laborious & difficult.

Services Performed
  • Helped Remove a Google Penalty
  • Site CMS Migration & New Design
  • New SEO Strategy
The Challenge with Quick Move Now

The challenge with Quick Move Now was to deliver an SEO strategy whilst under a Google Penalty with a Website running on an inflexible CMS alongside other issues.

The other issue was also that the Property Cash Buyer marketplace is extremely competitive with average CPC’s northwards of £30 per click. Alongside the niche is also known for negative SEO / aggregate spam / Blackhat.

Assertive’s initial challenge was to help the client out of an algorithmic/automated penalty – something that previous agencies had failed to do.

  • Audit the website and performance issues
  • Ascertain Google Penalty and Likely Causes
  • Help File Staged Disavow’s
  • Move Client from Bespoke CMS to Open Source CMS
  • Update Design & Make User Experience Improvements
  • Improve Site Speed & Integrate SCHEMA
  • Undertake a comprehensive link building/acquisition campaign
  • Content Consolidation Strategy
  • Increase long-tail keyword coverage
  • Drive up keyword rankings for highly competitive terms
The Goals with Quick Move Now
  • Improve Organic Rankings for a Wide Array of Known Converting Keywords
  • Removal of Google Penalty
  • Design & Build New Website on New CMS
  • Content Consolidation Strategy
  • Reduce POGOing (returning to Google)
  • Running A/B Experiments for Landing Pages
  • Improve Site Speed & Integrate SCHEMA
  • Improve Site UX
  • Increase Enquiries
  • Increase Domain Authority
The Strategy for Quick Move Now

The strategy for Quick Move Now was to provide an initial site audit alongside a link/spam audit, a site history audit & wayback review. After evaluating the business, metrics, site performance and issues, Assertive put together a strategy & timeline of execution.

The first goals were to have the penalty lifted and to help move the website from a closed source CMS to open source CMS to significantly improve site management & editing capabilities.

On top of the site CMS migration, Assertive also updated and improved the design, improved usability and added features to improve user experience / data accessibility.

The strategy was then to conduct a comprehensive SEO campaign with a goal to generate traffic to convert into enquiries. As Quick Move Now were running PPC, we had access to keyword & conversion data that was leveraged as part of the SEO strategy. Using this data we focused on priority core-terms followed by long-tail.

Using a systemic approach, we executed a mix of SEO / UX and CRO tasks to improve website engagement, improve content quality, consolidate similar content pages, improve navigation, improve site performance, build links in-directly into the domain, leverage CTR growth and drive up overall average positions.


Increase in Organic Traffic in 12 Months

Penalty Free

In just 3 months


Increase in Enquiries