Eland Cables

Eland Cables is a UK & Global cable supplier offering cables & cable accessories to industries including Rail, Marine, Renewables, Automation & Infrastructure. Eland Cables supplies an extensive range of cables from MV & HV Cables through to automotive cable, industrial cables & more.

Organic Traffic Increase
Bounce Rate Reduction

The Client

Eland Cables is one of the UK’s largest cable supplier & distributors. Eland Cables supply cables to various industries including Rail, Marine, Automotive, Energy & More.

Eland Cables is a UK-based cable supplier providing cable and cable accessories products manufactured to British Standard, European Standards, and International Standards. They offer industry-leading cable solutions to more than 130 countries.

Eland Cables approached Assertive in 2016 to discuss SEO.

The Challenge with Eland Cables

The challenge with Eland Cables was to deliver an SEO strategy with limited flexibility and on a relatively tight deadline. Eland Cables had previously used a number of large SEO agencies of which had not delivered any organic traffic growth.

Given the clients historic negative experience, executing an SEO campaign was far more challenging.

Assertive demonstrated skill and experience by producing the ranking increases on a single keyword to demonstrate capabilities, this approach was amplified.

  • Audit the website and performance issues
  • Use historic user data to ascertain user experience
  • Produce on site SEO recommendations
  • Optimise Foreign Versions of Website
  • Provide guidance on content utilisation
  • Undertake a comprehensive link building/acquisition campaign
  • Build links in a B2B landscape
  • Increase long-tail keyword coverage
  • Drive up keyword rankings for highly competitive terms

The Goals with Eland Cables

  • Improve Organic Rankings for a Wide Array of Cable Keywords
  • Increase Website Engagement on Cable Pages, Product & Category Pages
  • Increase Website Conversion Rate
  • Reduce POGOing (returning to Google)
  • Reduce POGOing (returning to Google)
  • Increase Brochure Downloads, Use of FastQuote & On Page Actions
  • Increase use of Fast Quote tool
  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Brand Awareness

The Results We Achieved


Increase in Organic Traffic in 12 Months


Increase in Organic Traffic in 18 Months


Reduction in Bounce Rate

Traffic Growth & Keyword Coverage

Snapshot from SEMRUSH Reflecting Volume of Ranking Keywords

Snapshot from SEMRUSH Reflecting Traffic Growth


The data collected and shown by SEMRUSH is below the actual results that Assertive acheived. SEMRUSH is a third party tool it cannot reflect true traffic/keyword growth although it is a good indicator of performance growth.

The Strategy for Eland Cables

The strategy for Eland Cables was to deliver an SEO strategy without having any direct control of the website. Given that Eland Cables is corporate, on page changes had to be made as a change request, making project maneuverability more difficult.

Our strategy focused on low hanging fruit (quick wins) initially, and then moving on to more long-term goals with a mix of on site changes, link building and user experience recommendations.

With full guidance, Eland Cables implemented changes provided by Assertive.

An independent link acquisition and outreach campaign helped us to drive strong domain authority growth. Given the niche, finding relevant websites was more difficult, so we looked to an approach that focused on the cable types i.e. solar, tri-rated, industry etc.

Our dual SEO strategy also included heat-mapping and screen recording exercises, analysing session duration and bounce over time, looking at maximising user retention and more.

Our SEO delivered significant growth for the business in online visibility as well as revenue.

What We Did for Eland Cables

Produced On Site Recommendations

Assertive provided a full technical audit to Eland Cables along with recommendations for fixes covering everything from issues relating to cannibalisation, titles, descriptions, URL’s, anchor references, Absolute vs Relative URLS’s, 301’s, page speed, content coverage, internal links and more.

Our comprehensive recommendations also covered the foreign versions of the website.

Improved User Experience

Understanding user behaviour and user journey was key in the Eland Cables project. Using a variety of heat/click/scroll mapping tools we were able to ascertain user performance and user behaviour flow throughout the cable products and category pages.

By amalgamating “majority” data we were able to form change requests for Google Optimise experiments.

Recommendations were generated before the next stage of multivariate/A-B testing to ascertain how page changes impacted on engagement and conversion.

Increased Domain Authority

Assertive created and executed a comprehensive, high quality link building & outreach strategy to drive new high quality inbound links to the elandcables.com domain.

Within 1 year Assertive was able to build more than 200 new referring domains in to independent pages across the Eland Cables website, significantly strengthening the root domain as well as pages across the website. The resulting ranking increases were substantial.

What the Client Says

The results delivered by Assertive went well beyond our expectations – we’d recommend them to any medium/large organisation looking to drive strong visibility, growth and conversion growth.