Why you need to Blog to Brand Yourself

It’s no secret that blogging in a variety of forms is of big business nowadays, with more and more companies jumping on the bandwagon and creating one for their brand.

Those who are yet to have started one are seriously missing out as a result, but why is that? Why is it so important to your brand to create a blog? We’ve taken a look at this subject to show you how beneficial a blog can be to your business, and why you need to start one.

You can promote your products and services on it

This is generally the biggest benefit of a company blog, so it’s a good starting point. You can promote your products and services via your blog regularly and easily, so people will know what you are bringing out and can get ready to make their purchase. You can link your blog to your website so customers can make the purchase easily, too.

It helps you become to more credible and authoritative

If you want to be known as experts in your field, a blog jam packed with informative, useful articles regarding your topic is a great way to build on that. If your content is really helpful to your readers, they’ll share it and you’ll soon gain a reputation within your field as being authoritative. You could also hire other industry experts to write articles for your blog – usually for a fee – to aid this idea even further.

It helps you get to know your customers

Blogs are the ideal way to interact with the people who are interacting with your product and brand; your customers. It serves as a great outlet for customers to be able to learn more about you, and ask questions, and you can do the same by replying. Gaining a better insight into who your customers are and what they want and need is one of the best ways of growing your business, as you can adapt your products and services accordingly to suit them.

It gives them something entertaining from you

Go one step further than an entertaining social media feed by creating a blog with entertaining content that is updated regularly. They can be serious, informative, humorous and ironic etc…or a varied mix of lots of different styles. This is another great way to get people to like you as a brand, and to start seeing you above your rivals, if they can see a human side to you and your business.

It can be helpful when networking and collaborating

Blogs provide other businesses, charities and celebrities with the opportunity to collaborate and network with you. You can look into things like gaining brand ambassadors through your blog, and even have them write their own column. You can also collaborate with other businesses to benefit both of you, and reach out to other bloggers to help spread the word of your blog, and in turn, your company and website.

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