Promote Your Videos through Facebook – The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Promote Your Videos on FacebookDid you know – over 100 million hours of video content is watched on Facebook per day!

In the past year, video has witnessed massive traction, and it’s very likely that the numbers have significantly improved already.

However, because of the tremendous competition, with so many brands investing efforts in creating engaging videos for Facebook marketing, it could be difficult for your brand to get the necessary response rate and conversions via your Facebook videos.

Don’t despair; instead use the tips, tricks, and methods shared in this guide to get more likes, views, and shares for your Facebook videos.

Leverage Sponsored Stories to Expand Your Facebook Videos’ Reach

Use Sponsored Stories to promote your video content in an organic manner. This method helps make your videos discoverable for your fans and their friends, via Facebook News Feed and the Sponsored Stories section. Because people tend to engage well with content and promotional messages from companies their friends trust, this method delivers good conversions. Stories can include page likes, check-ins, domain stories, page posts, and apps used.

  • Go to Facebook Ads and set up an advertisement.
  • Specify the destination (your company’s Facebook Business page) you want to promote.
  • Select the story type (Page Post story for your fans to see the video, or Page Post Like Story for your fans’ friends to see the video)
  • Select your audience targeting and campaign budget criteria
  • Upload the video content to Facebook
  • Create Facebook page posts with your video content.

Use Square Videos

Square videos perform significantly better than rectangle videos! Sounds too whimsical? It’s not. Here are some stats to help you understand.

Tip: Use light and intuitive tools like Animoto for simple and short videos. However, you will need a more sophisticated tool for professional quality videos.

Use Native videos Instead of Embedding Links

Most brands upload their videos on YouTube, their primary video marketing platform, and then embed links in Facebook posts. Instead, upload your videos directly to Facebook. Studies suggest that native videos on Facebook enjoy 10 times the shares as compared to other videos.Also, don’t forget that native videos go into auto play, causing users to stop and stare at the content. To make sure they see it completely, focus on grabbing their attention in the first 3 seconds. You might want to check out the video content posted by the top 10 Facebook Publishers in October 2017 for some ideas and inspiration.

Don’t Miss On The CTA

Goes without saying; Call to Action is imperative for any kind of marketing campaign, including your Facebook videos. What if your audiences don’t know how they can show their love, even after they love your video!Once you upload a video, you automatically get a prompt to ‘Add a Call to Action’. Some of the options you can choose are – “Book Now”, “Learn More”, and Shop Now”. I recommend you use “Watch More” CTA to redirect users to your other videos on Facebook.

Make use of Facebook Insights To Optimize Video Marketing Irrespective of how advanced your video marketing strategy is, you need to leverage the power of analytics to optimize it. Facebook Insights delivers this advantage to you. Number of views, completion rates, duration watched, and many more value adding statistics can be accessed here. This helps you decide on appropriate lengths of videos, the right times to post them, the audiences to target, and the kind of themes to explore in the videos.

Understand The Reasons Why People Share Videos

As per Jonathan Perelman, former General Manager for Video at BuzzFeed, people share video content for these reasons:

  • To socialize via Internet
  • To express their thoughts and feelings on a topic
  • To show off subtly, by positioning the video as a proxy of their own qualitative thought process
  • Proving themselves to be the first ones to find the content
  • To spread some joy and laughter among friends and colleagues

Note: Don’t try to make your videos do all these things at once; instead, focus on one key message. Popular YouTube video content creators Rhett Mclaughlin and Link Neal express precisely this sentiment.

Concluding Remarks

Keep the effort going on; it only takes a few videos to really hit the right nerve with your audiences for your brand equity to suddenly blossom. Trust the tips, tricks, resources, and methods shared in this guide to put your Facebook video marketing into supercharge mode.

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