I’ve recently been asked to audit a number of high profile websites including one of the UK’s largest cottage agencies, an online casino and a high end jewellery retailer.

I keep seeing the same thing.

DYNAMIC landing pages that have NO central data when checked in Google’s cache of the page.

That means – the Google cache for KEY pages including property search results and at property/product level is empty, showing only a header and footer navigation but no internal content……


AJAX / JS / Dynamic content loading.

I cannot stress this enough – if Google can’t cache it properly then it’s likely data not being evaluated which is catastrophic from a ranking perspective.

I am seeing more and more “dynamic” websites appear with flashy functionality and fast dynamic loading, but, in reality, whatever Google claims to support – there is a big difference between what you think is being crawled and what Google is actually crawling.


Missing chunks of page data = issue with text fetching during page request (usually dynamic code)

Malformed cache = generally an issue with unavailable or blocked resource that means Googlebot cannot render the page in full

Heavily out of date cache = page isn’t internally linked enough or is stagnant

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