We’re hearing more and more in the online marketing world about the importance of social media for our online marketing campaigns. Whether we’re tweeting, posting or sharing photos, social media provides a significant means of communicating with our consumer. Without posting a “For Sale” banner over our business Facebook pages, how does social media help our companies and what can we do to optimize our use of social media platforms?

Social Media can boost your Business’ Authority
Google ranks credible sources more highly in the search results pages and to become a credible source in the eyes of Google, your business’ webpage should have links back to it and a good social media influence.
Your social media presence should include relevant content and reach a sufficient amount of people. In addition, the people engaging with your content should be valuable to you, for example, they could be influential bloggers or another strong brands.
What’s more, Google considers social media activity as a non-manipulated way of getting links. Where link building can cause black hat SEO techniques, like keyword stuffing and even fake website building, social media offers a practical, clear-cut way of getting link backs.

Google+ in Search
Google+ is a brilliant social platform to get your content higher up the search engine results pages. Your content can work well for Google too, particularly if it is unique, relevant and up-to-date. It is definitely worth spending some time on your Google+ page and releasing daily posts.
Google loves personalization and if you are logged in to Google+, your search results will be personalized through connections, interests etc.

Social Media has made SEO less Technical

Because SEO is much more focused on being easy to read for the human-eye and, ultimately, favours content that is written for humans to read. This means that SEO is much more focused on good quality content. Although technical details like H1, URL, Meta descriptions, and title tag still matter, there is much less emphasis on the number of key words and knowing how to pass algorithms.
Instead, SEO is much more human-friendly and search terms should be optimized for the best results, for example, “How to use an electric drill?” rather than “An electric drill”.

Wider Volume of Consumers

There are not a lot of people nowadays that do not have a social media page. Social media can therefore get your business out to a wider range of people, and as a more popular business, your brand will appear more highly in the search results pages as it is more popular, credible and, ultimately, more wanted in search.

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