SEO Link Building Challenges for 2016

Originally, link building was one of SEO’s most straightforward aspects. However, that is no longer the case; since then it has evolved into one of the most intricate features. During the initial generations of search engine growth, link building was simply numerical. Building more links meant getting higher rankings. Presently, there are many factors that determine the effectiveness of a link building campaign. Some of the factors are in nature qualitative and subjective, and most of them are changing in a constant systematic evolution.

The moment you recognize these intricacies, you might be tempted to shelve the method, shy away from taking a deep dive, and hope that things will still work with your current resources and knowledge. But most experts concur that link building is an essential component of any successful SEO plan. When you are launching out, ranking highly in search engines minus inbound links is almost impossible. Aside from that, it is often extremely hard to earn links naturally.

Once you are set to move ahead, it is important that you develop a strategy for the future and not merely for the present. Since link building and SEO generally are not static targets, you have to be knowledgeable in the biggest challenges of the coming months.
The year 2016 has several challenges for the SEO link building industry. The following are some of the biggest ones:

Content Competition

For starters, you need to recognize the fact that content has become very important for link building. It is a tool used on one level to attract links naturally. People are more likely to be linked to an article the more they see and share it. Content, on the other level, acts as a tool to framing and providing a link on an external site. Content marketing is constantly gaining momentum, thus, increasing the competition. The standard for good content is rising, with publishers being forced to be more and more selective about the content as well as links that show up on their site. So, to earn the same return, you will have to invest extra time and effort.


Scalability is another problem in the current context of link building. The authority of the source of a link on which it is published is one of the most significant factors that determine its effectiveness. It is becoming increasingly difficult for new and emerging businesses to penetrate the top authoritative publishers and this is partly due to increased content competition.

But also, you can’t just depend on low and medium authority sources in order to develop a successful campaign. So, there has to be a slow and consistent improvement in your link sources’ authoritative strength. However, there has to be a corresponding and related improvement in your content’s quality as well. Although this is a huge challenge, hopefully it will become easier as you gain more experience.

Diminishing Returns In The Main Mediums

In spite of Google’s infamous Penguin update, there have been few vital, reliable areas for link building growth. For instance, there was a time when press releases could almost guarantee at least a number of authoritative links. In addition, infographics enjoyed enough popularity to attract at least a hundred links, if they got adequate traction.
However, since then, press releases have been nerfed as a result of becoming too popular as a way to build links. Also, the power of authoritative links from similar content has been greatly reduced. Infographics, which increasingly enjoyed popularity, now have little potential power than they had previously as they have oversaturated the market.

The good news about this new development is that both, amateurs and veteran professionals, will all be facing these same challenges, so you won’t be alone. Besides, only a certain percentage of the SEO community is actually keen and bothers to make the necessary modifications to make up for these changes – usually until it is too late. Recognizing these challenges gives you a significant advantage, which you can exploit, and begin either to develop or update your link building plan for long-term success.

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