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For SEO – algorithmic applications are entirely dependent on position?

People talk about “SEO” with a conclusive approach, but, in reality, SEO is always progressive.

Because of Google’s continual micro-updates and intermittent core updates, factors are always shifting.

Algorithmic factors away from page 1 rely LESS on interaction data and more on general data (links, content topical coverage, best practice (UX/site architecture).

As your rankings progress on to page 1 the interaction data model is likely to be applied progressively. Things like CTR optimisation only really become relevant when your in a “good” enough position to be within the gap between initial user searches and bottom level search abandonment.

Every industry and keyword/vertical/niche has different rules – but, generally, the rule of NON-interaction based data applies outside of page 1, within page 1 will be a blended view of Interaction + Non-Interaction data.

One great place to start with any SEO strategy is to audit the landscape, look at the kind of sites being returned, look at lead organic rank over time and then benchmark what you see against Wayback snapshots to see how competitors have leveraged on-site changes – this takes a fair bit of effort, but, totally worth it.

Daniel Carter

Director at Assertive
A driven entrepreneur providing the fearless counsel to clients who need to maximise their investments in Digital Marketing, Advertising, Business Development and End User Strategies. Twenty years of SEO experience – and still learning.