The Influence of Mobile Internet on Your Local Business Marketing Strategy

The mobile internet revolution has certainly caused businesses, both small and big, to restructure their online marketing strategies. Over the last couple of years, there have been extensive studies to document the influence of mobile internet on local businesses. According to a recent study, more than 20% of ALL online searches have local intent. If we switch the focus on to mobile internet usage, close to 60% of all searches executed through a mobile device have location specific motives behind them. An extensive study conducted by Google further indicates the significance of local searches.

The Mobile Buzz

For instance, it was revealed through the study that around 45% of mobile searches were centred on a specific goal and contributed towards making a decision. Another interesting fact was that nearly 90% of all mobile searches resulted in a follow-up action. This could be anything from more advanced searches, a visit to a store, making a call, a sale, or just sharing of information within a target group. It was ascertained that on an average, a mobile search would trigger at least a couple of follow-up actions. It was also found that at least 30% of all mobile searches translated into some form of conversion. This could be a store visit, a call to the store, or even a direct sale. What’s even more intriguing is the fact that more than half of these conversions occurred within the hour of executing the search on a mobile device and a staggering 85% of the follow-up actions happened within 5 hours of the search.

The above mentioned data is surely a sign that needs to be taken seriously by local business owners if they wish to gain leverage over the strong competition in a highly volatile market. Based on this, here are some steps that can be taken to make the most of the mobile internet phenomenon.

Web Business Listings

Setting up your listings on platforms like Google and Yelp is crucial in reinforcing your online presence and achieving a good conversion rate. It’s important to mention the type of product, business service, or category in the description of your business. You also need to keep your Google+ account with links to the most popular pages on your website. Specifying your hours of operation is another important factor. Make sure you have a local phone number listed instead of some toll-free number that is untraceable.

Getting Visual

Video tutorials are immensely popular these days and it can provide you with substantial leverage over the competition.

Harnessing Social Energy

If mobile internet ushered in the new digital era, social media is what redefined it. If you have an online business campaign, it’s impossible to get it up and working without social media presence. More than a third of the users of social media access the network through their mobile devices alone. This is an audience that is close to 400 million people and growing at a rapid rate and they are all going to be looking for you on Facebook.

Get Your Tools Right

It’s important to get hold of the right tools to enhance your efficiency and the quality of your work. Tools like Yext and RioLocal are hugely popular for managing your local feeds and generating reports. You also need to have a great social posting management tool as well as a good local and map tracking tool.

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