Google Local Search Driven by Mobiles

We can’t pretend that we don’t spend the majority of our time attached to some kind of mobile device. Whether it’s in our hand or our back pocket, most of us spend more time with our phones (or another type of mobile device) than any friend or family member.
As a result, instead of asking other people for a recommendation, many people are turning to their phones when it comes to finding local businesses. For example, walking down the high street and typing in “bike shop near me” will bring up a list of local bike shops. Convenient for the customer and great for businesses, “Nearby Businesses” searches are booming.

Apparently, Google trends data has shown that “near me” and “nearby” searches have doubled since 2015, with 80% of these searches coming from a mobile device.

If you own a business then, you’ll want to make sure it is included in the strip of business listings when potential customers are searching locally.

Google has set up a “Nearby Business” Mobile Ad format for location related searches. This product is designed to display up to four paid business listings with directions and a click-to-call link. In future, it may even include a ‘buy’ button.
The fact that these searches are made from mobile devices means that customers are likely to visit the business on the day that they conduct the search. In addition, they can find out the opening hours of the business, directions to the store, availability of products and the address. Consequently, “Nearby Businesses” searches save the customer time and make them more likely to buy.
In order for the “Nearby Businesses” pack to be successful though, the customer must have location extensions enabled on their mobile device.

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