Please please please STOP REFERRING TO DR / TF / DA as a quality metric.

Domain rank, trust flow, domain authority, citation flow mean absolutely NOTHING, that’s right, NOTHING. They are a quantitative metrics for “benchmarking” a website’s popularity.

“Unless I am not mistaken, when did popularity account for quality?” – Daniel Carter

I run a website called – and guess what? It has a DR of 0.1 – that’s right, 0.1 and guess what? IT OUTRANKS .GOV sites for debt advice. – Why? because the quality is in the content, not the links.

Yes – by all means, use it as a popularity metric, but for god sake it’s a vanity metric.

And no – coupling SEMRUSH traffic metrics with link popularity also means nothing.

There are plenty of DR 0 links out there from high-quality websites where the owners focus on quality content – the domains just not popular because links are not always gospel for some niches.

Links – important yes? Does Google have a full grasp on link quality? NO!

Go to your client’s search console profiles and do a link export – the amount of rubbish links Google picks up and gives credit for is still endemic – this is why the warnings for DISAVOW are strong, because people disavow crap links that still give equity!

Daniel Carter

Director at Assertive
A driven entrepreneur providing the fearless counsel to clients who need to maximise their investments in Digital Marketing, Advertising, Business Development and End User Strategies. Twenty years of SEO experience – and still learning.