SEO’s – whether you are a junior or intermediate, here is a tip you absolutely need to take onboard.


A heavily overlooked ranking factor. Run a site command on your website in Google using site:. Look at your index size.

Then, go into your search console, set the time-frame to 16 months, then filter out BRAND queries. Then, with the filtered data that comes back, sort by clicks and then by impressions (or perform a dual column data sort in G Sheets).

Then look at the CLICK drop off rate from LEAD Page down to where clicks stop (but impressions continue).

Pages that are aged but have no clicks should be culled from your website. Impression or no impression- if in a 16 month view pages have impressions and no clicks but have had sufficient time to rank then they should be binned.

Index bloat is incredibly damaging from an SEO perspective.

To put it into perspective – I had a client who had 1300 pages in their index. Only 50 pages delivered any real traffic. I culled more than 800 pages. Their traffic levels exploded within 3 months.

Index bloat is damaging because it is a quality indicator. If you have lots of pages that do not perform what do you think that says about your website?

Daniel Carter

Director at Assertive
A driven entrepreneur providing the fearless counsel to clients who need to maximise their investments in Digital Marketing, Advertising, Business Development and End User Strategies. Twenty years of SEO experience – and still learning.