SEO in 2016


SEO Guidelines in 2016

Seismically, there has been a shift in the rules for effective SEO over the past few years.  Although marketers are increasing their investments in content, that’s not enough. They need to invest some time and effort into learning the new rules for SEO. According to experts, the new SEO stratagem revolves around experience – which is another focus for big-money marketing. These days stuffing headlines with keywords in order to drive traffic to your site is now history. Search engines are becoming smarter by the day, leaving the content creators with much less control about the way their pages are appearing as well as the words they are showing up for.

A research carried out in August 2015 by Moz Inc., an SEO consulting firm based in Seattle USA, showed that the most important factors for effective SEO in 2016 will be mobile friendliness. This is expected to increase in impact by about 88%. The study indicated that the efficacy of paid links and the anchor text’s influence are the two SEO factors that will drop.

Here are some expert tips on how you can use SEO to maximize your content marketing investments:

Intention Matters the Most

It is no longer necessary to provide a precise keyword for a related search result. Before, it was about getting the click. But things have now changed drastically, with search engines detecting how people are interrelating with your site. How are they behaving while on your website; are they finding the answers they are searching for or going back and clicking on results? Currently, it’s not just about getting the click, but satisfying user intent as well. The post-click activity is very crucial.

Keywords Are Not Everything

Since Google has become smarter about interpreting meaning, incorporating keywords in headlines is becoming less important. In the past, if you wanted to rank for, say “best cars”, it was a must that you mention “best cars” 3 – 4 times. Today, even though it helps to mention “best cars,” the semantic meaning is becoming a lot more important. You can merely talk, for instance about great driving experiences, which the search engines will easily pick up on.

Be Focused on User Experience

Presently, Google is reportedly making 500 algorithm changes each year. Every change is geared towards ensuring that, if a person making searches on Google gets the appropriate result on the first few pages, they have a wonderful experience. So the most important thing is the method you use to ensure that your website’s content is the best possible stuff available on the net for those words that matter to you rather than how you can either tweak the engine or play tricks with Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Size Is Important

Include longer articles and mobile-friendly content into your 2016 content program. Longer articles ranging from 1,200 to 1,500 words do better in search. Things have drastically changed, because two or three years ago, 300 words was quite a long page. But currently, longer articles are pulling more traffic and getting higher rankings in SEO, particularly in terms of competition.  By making these changes, Google aims to ensure that they are sending traffic to those pages that excite people. Breaking up long-form content by including subheads, bullet points and images in the entire copy is recommended. Readers will find scanning and digesting it, both, easy and faster.

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