Building Brand Credibility Online

The other day I was working, as a waitress, in a restaurant serving a disgruntled couple who had been waiting longer for a table than they had hoped. In the time that they were waiting, they had researched past experiences of the restaurant. They said: “Have you read your reviews on TripAdvisor? It’s three paragraphs long and explains how appalling the restaurant is.”
I hadn’t read the review but the couple’s comments made me realise how important the internet really is in rating the credibility of a business.

The Following Three Elements Are Important In Rating The Credibility of Your Business’ Website.

1. Reviews

It seems pretty obvious that good reviews and feedback make people more likely to try you’re your business. If past experience has been good, people are more likely to return, as well as recommend your business to friends and family.
Apparently though, the negative review the couple had read about the restaurant On TripAdvisor isn’t all bad, since it has a number of SEO benefits. A review provides new and original, content for search engines that can bump your website up the search rankings. In addition, any review can increase your website’s clickthrough rate. A product that has a rating (whether it’s good or bad) often appears with highlighted yellow stars and is, therefore, much more likely to be clicked on.
What’s more, a mixture of good and bad reviews can make your website more trustworthy. Too many bad reviews though and you might want to consider improving on these complaints!

2. Blog Posts

A regular blog post ensures your website is updated and, in addition, provides free information for your consumer. A relevant, interesting blog may also keep consumers returning to your website. You may even decide to email blog posts out with links to your site.

It is important to make your posts regular though, to keep the blog fresh and up-to-date.

3. Social Media

An active social media account, like Twitter or Facebook, can link your business with the people behind it, while your posts can be a source of credibility in themselves. Relevant, interesting Facebook posts can prove your business is informative, while keeping consumers up-to-date with what is happening in the business. Social Media can also target consumers that don’t often visit your website.

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