So, the word’s got to you. Chatbots, it’s believed, are the BIG thing for 2018. These look like instant messengers, manage conversations with your end users and customers like your most seasoned customer service person, and deliver you results like your best salesmen do.

Chatbots are able to combine the power of scripts and neural network programming to manage goal-oriented conversations like humans. Deep learning, then, enables them to keep on improving with time.

However, without letting you drown in the tech-speak, let’s tell you how you can start your business’ AI chatbot journey.

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Facebook Messenger – The Driver of Chatbot Era

Facebook Messenger is the quickest, most scalable, and hassle-free platform for small and medium sized businesses to start their AI journeys. With more than 1.2 billion users, the platform has the power of numbers on its side.

With more than 11,000 AI powered chatbots reaching out to more than 900 million users, you hardly need any more convincing. By integrating with proprietary APIs, Facebook Messenger allows brands to deliver amazing AI powered experiences to end users without them having to leave Facebook Messenger. For example, Uber lets users sign up or order a cab from Facebook Messenger without leaving it! There are other brands too – Sure, Hi Poncho, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal, and many more.

With Facebook Messenger, you can make quick connections with audiences, and deliver then your chatbot powered AI experience. An e-store, for instance, can integrate Facebook Messenger on its website. Users just need to click a button or open the chat window to be treated as a subscriber, giving your brand the authority to reach out to them via Facebook Messenger. Research shows that close to 60% users engage with messages they receive on Facebook Messenger (probably because they’re attuned to the idea of friends and acquaintances contacting them via the channel).

Ok; I’m convinced; What Next?

Now that you’re ready to bring in the power of AI chatbots to your marketing, here’s some important information on getting things done:
You will either need to experiment with chatbot creation on your own, or involve a 3rd party chatbot service.
It proves much quicker and convenient to seek chatbot creation service, because these service providers have experience in integrating multiple apps, and delivering advanced and sophisticated chatbot experiences. Look for a chatbot platform that works using Facebook Messenger to build your custom chatbots.

What Are Chatbot Platforms All About?

Chatbot creation services basically have the following components:

  • A DIY platform where you can use drag and drop styled editor to create your chatbot’s basic design.
  • Options to upload images, product pages, and documents for the chatbot to share with users when needed.
  • AI and NLP engines that give the chatbot the ability to ‘learn’ with time, and to strike and sustain conversations in natural language, respectively.
  • Integration capabilities that help you (or a chatbot developer) make the messenger talk with other applications, and deliver advanced options to the users without requiring them to leave the interface.
  • Analytics to help you gather insight from the way your users interact with your chatbots, and how you can improve their experiences.
  • Customer support, to help you get over technical problems, and to guide you on how you can best use chatbots to drive engagement, push sales, and deliver customer support.
Some Chatbot Platforms to Get Started With

Before I wrap it up, here are a couple of chatbot platforms you might want to get started with.

Chatty People

Use ChattyPeople to create a Facebook Messenger based chatbot without writing any code. Your chatbot will be integrated with Facebook Commerce. The interface is intuitive and easy enough for solo entrepreneurs, and technically advanced enough for enterprise use. Begin with a simple bot to answer frequently asked consumer queries, and then integrate it with your e-store to transform Facebook into a revenue channel. The best part – it’s free to get started.


You don’t need any programming expertise of designing experience to create a pretty good chatbot using MEOKAY. Create basic conversational scenarios to begin with, and then explore advanced dialogs, using very simple and easy to follow steps. Then, you can launch your branded chatbot, and automate customer service and top of the funnel marketing.

Facebook Messenger

Of course. It comes last because it could get slightly challenging for beginners to make their way through the complications the platform throws (as compared to the platforms we discussed earlier). However, with a lot of guide material, case studies, and an active forum for FB developers, you can create very sophisticated chatbots using this platform.

Concluding Remarks

Chatbots are a tremendous opportunity for you to automate a lot of your business’ marketing functions. Get started today.

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