Building a Community on Social Media and how it can benefit Your Business

A business social media page can, of course, be a great place to advertise your products and services, as well as keep your customers up-to-date with any news and current developments.

It is best not to, however, have your business Facebook page, twitter profile or Google+ page as simply a wall on which to place a business poster. Of course, inform your customers and potential customers about what you have to offer, via social media. But, more importantly, try to focus on building a community where people enjoy visiting your page, connecting with others and finding out relevant information about your product or service.

Here are a Few Building Blocks to Creating a Social Media Community:

Share interesting posts, with facts related to your business

People with an interest in the product or service you are offering will enjoy reading posts related to the subject, particularly if your posts provide them with information they weren’t too sure of before.
For example, a running coach may post an article about recovering from shin splints, choosing race nutrition or choosing suitable running trainers.

Include Photos and Encourage People to Post Photos on the Social Media Page

Sharing photos can be a creative, fun and quick way to spark a conversation with customers on your social media page.
Posting unique, captivating images will inspire customers to come back to the page, while encouraging others to post their own photos will make them feel more involved with the business.

Respond Promptly to Emails and Posts to Your Business Page

Faster responses generally tend to evoke more likes for a business, because it really shows you care for your customers. People are impressed when they get a quick reply, but you will easily lose credibility if customers have to wait days or, in some cases, weeks to respond.
Of course, there is no need to check the page by the minute or hour, but if you visit the social media page a couple of times a day, make sure you are getting involved with conversations and answering any questions that may have been put to you.

Share Other Posts from Other Businesses

Sharing other posts from other businesses doesn’t only provide you with the opportunity to gain more likes or followers, but also adds to the conversation element of your business page.

The shared posts should be relevant and created by a credible business, that way, you’ll show your customers that your research is suited to your type of business.

Not only that, you may guide other people who are interested in your business towards other similar business which will only widen, expand and improve your online community.

Ask for Reviews and Feedback

People generally tend to like the opportunity to share their opinions and by asking them to review your business’ performance, you’ll prove to them that you value customer opinion and feedback.

Reviews and feedback may also provide your customers with the opportunity to share each other’s experiences and engage with each other’s comments.

Focus on the Community you Already Have

Instead of concentrating purely on gaining more likes, followers and friends, you should aim to keep the people who have already liked your social media page to return and consistently engage with your online social activity.

You can do this by having a look at your popular posts and images, as well as seeing what statuses have been shared.
Ultimately, it is far better to have 150 followers who often visit your page and leave a passing comment here and there, rather than 2000 followers who have looked at the page once and then moved on.

In summary then, building a social community on your business page is an important factor in marketing your product or service. There is a much more natural approach to advertising your business when thinking about your social media page as a friendly, shared community, rather than a billboard to paste on your best deals or hot offers.

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