Latest Google Search Result Change is not an Algorithm Change

Latest Google Update is not related to Penguin or Panda algorithms

Many webmasters and tracking tools on the web have revealed an update to Google’s search results in the last 48 hours (as of February 6th 2015). Google has confirmed that the change in results is just a tweak and is not an algorithm update.

There is much speculation over the frequent, yet more randomised updates released by Google, some experts say that the on-going changes are currently based around factors including but not limited to:

    • Mobile user experience


  • Website load speed (as part of user experience)
  • The use of SSL
  • Changes to link evaluation (increase in authority, decrease in target keyword for anchor text)


  • Growing emphasis on brand citation and exposure

The latest tweak shows changes in results which are not attributed to any one algorithm factor, however, we have the opinion that the tweak was relative to mobile experience.

Our tools showed a shift in website rankings for websites which delivered a better quality of user experience (data based on 862 websites across Healthcare, Finance and Travel marketplaces). Our data showed that websites which delivered a more “positive” user experience for mobile devices saw a ranking increase, the categorisation of this data is as follows:

Please note, this is based on the data reviewed for 862 websites across Healthcare, Finance and Travel marketplaces. The data was analysed and revealed the pattern used to generate the data for the image above.

The scores for the 872 websites were obtained from Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool which also provided the values for “User Experience”.

There is clearly a pattern showing that websites which offered a higher user experience, and were faster to load would benefit from the “Tweak” that Google had released. Another pattern showed that websites which were utilising SSL would also benefit a visibility improvement of at least 0.4%, which, although miniscule, adds towards the overall visibility scores for websites.

We are keeping a close eye on the search results to see how the tweaks impact search results over the coming week. We know that frequently, Google will trial tweaks and often reverts implementation if the result quality falls in any one sector.

We know that the roll-out of tweaks geographically can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks across different data centres. Our tools collect the data from websites across multiple data centres to correlate ranking changes.

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