What Google’s new search algorithm means for you

There really is only one search engine, and its name is Google.

And this one company has such power, it has spawned an entire industry (search engine optimisation – SEO), dedicated to helping website owners achieve the coveted number one spot within its search results.

People base their entire career on figuring out ways to benefit from Google’s search algorithm, because if there’s one thing Google is renowned for, it’s their secrecy when it comes to talking about their search algorithm.

Google doesn’t shout about how their search algorithm works, they often use vague language when talking about their updates. The most we can deduce is that Google uses a set of rules (their algorithm) to rank websites according to how relevant and useful their content is, to users.

To put what they do into perspective: there are over 53 million results alone for ‘fashion blogger UK’. You have got be optimised to the hilt, if you want to get anywhere near the first page.

The Google search algorithm update

So when news reached us that Google had updated their search algorithm recently, it came as a surprise that this update was accompanied by an announcement of it, confirming Google had released a new broad core search ranking algorithm update.

However, Google were swift to follow their announcement with their previously iterated advice:

“Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before,” Google said.

What are they talking about? Essentially, there is no going back if your site was negatively impacted by this new search algorithm update.


Why does this new search algorithm update matter to you?

Well, it means your website’s rankings, as well as being positively affected by the new update, boosting you up the search rankings, could also have been negatively impacted too. Google are saying that if you’re in the latter camp, this slide down the rankings is related to the update, not a technical issue on your website.

Google has previously acknowledged that they update the search ranking algorithm routinely, in fact they release one or more changes on a daily basis, in order to continually improve the search results, however they rarely confirm these updates, because as they have reiterated on several occasions, there is nothing website owners can do specifically to fix their rankings.

If your ranking has been affected by an update to the search algorithm, tough titties. Google’s advice to remedy this? Focus on building great content and hopefully over time, your ranking will rise again.


What has changed with this new search algorithm update?

Seeing as it’s still early days, we are yet to fully realise the impact of this new update, however based on the SEO chatter, it looks as if the update may have been aimed at the health and medical space, but it’s too early to tell what type of sites have been affected the most.


What can you do if you have been affected by the new search algorithm update?

Well, as Google has said, there is no quick fix. So you’re just going to have to knuckle down and work on your SEO. If you aren’t sure of how do that effectively, check out our article on the basic SEO principles and then have a read of 7 SEO mistakes everyone makes.

If you need more advice about the update from Google, check out their Twitter thread on the subject.


What results are you seeing from Google’s March 2019 update?

Search Engine Land is conducting a survey asking visitors how they were impacted by the core update on 12/3/2019. Did visitors see their traffic go up or down? Keywords affected, what site improvements had been made & more.

Check out the Google update survey.