Any client I work with doesn’t just get an SEO. They get an educator. I make it absolutely clear, I do NOT use vanity data for the foundation of any SEO campaign.

Here is ACTUAL data taken from clients and cross-compared with what is reported by third-party tools. Third party tools won’t be able to compete with true data from search console.

reported keywords comparison ahrefs semrush gsc
Reported keywords comparison ahrefs, SEMRUSH, Google Search Console.

The danger is any SEO campaign is when vanity metrics are used for comparative analysis when the figures are likely “WAY OUT”.

If my clients in the data below compared their keyword coverage performance to their competitors they’d adopt the tools data over true data from search console – and, this is where the problem originates from.

In most cases – third-party tools significantly UNDER report on keyword coverage.

Why is this relevant? well, it’s massively relevant. Keyword coverage is absolutely vital for progressive campaigns – increased coverage gives you less traffic volatility from a top level reliance on “performance” or “high impression/traffic” keywords. Increased keyword coverage means you can better own your niche/space and is likely composed of keywords with better intent be it purchase intent/enquiry or research intent.

Let the GSC be your reporting bible.

Daniel Carter

Director at Assertive
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