Having tested multiple split testing platforms such as visual web optimiser and Google Optimise, I decided to stick it out with Optimise, not so much in that it’s free (with limitations), but, because it ties in pretty well with our streamline testing process – also, being a Google Product, sharing data tends to be easier with account linking.

So, for a while, we’ve been running experiments for clients and indeed, ourselves, however, what has been a tad disappointing was the length of time that old device emulation remained as part of Optimise testing. Even a few days ago, I was stuck testing an experiment for a client on an iPhone 6! Not really impressive given the giant that Google is.

However, today, whilst preparing an experiment for ourselves, I noticed new device emulators, yes, that’s right! Google has finally updated the emulators to include:

  • iPad (presumably a modern iPad)
  • Galaxy Tab
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • i Phone X
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy Note 8

Oddly, Google has chosen to list more iOS devices over android devices.

With Google being a giant, I am surprised to not see more native device emulators (Even though I know they’re not always accurate).

So if your a regular with Google Optimise, go check it out!

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