Is your website responsive? If not, you could suffer from poorer ranking performance

Google have been making great progress for mobile search results by making SERPs (search engine result pages) a better place for smartphone and tablet users. A particular recent change has added a display that reads “mobile-friendly” by the site link on the search pages, this shows the user that the website displays how it should on mobile devices.

In order to get this label of user-friendliness it is required for your site to meet certain criteria. If you want to see if your website meets these requirements you can check here, Google PageSpeed Insights Tool.

Google are now warning users who have not verified their website with the Webmaster Tools, this is however, only when a website is not user-friendly. So now webmasters may be informed by Google of the lack of mobile friendliness instead of doing it themselves.

If an error or issue is detected in regards to display or functionality on mobile and tablet devices, you should be expecting an email stating why you have a lack of rankings.

In the email it will state the pages and sites where these issues lie and steps needed to fix these issues, there is also a link on how to make CMS mobile-friendly. (WordPress for example)

We all know that mobile and tablet are becoming ever more popular and therefore it is just common sense to expect an internet giant like Google focus their efforts on making mobile experiences more user-friendly. Can we expect a mobile-friendly update soon? I think we can and should do everything in the meantime to prepare for exactly that.

Be thankful that we have been given prior warning, and although this is not for certain, with the way the mobile and tablet markets are going I am certain it will be sooner rather than later. So be sure to make your websites user-friendly for mobile and tablet devices because sales do not just come from PCs.

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