Compressing Images will help improve your website speed

Here at Assertive Media, we have recently been blogging about ways to speed up your WordPress website. This is because website speed is an essential part of SEO and can be a key difference between those websites at the top and those on page 2 of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
And, one thing that can significantly slow down your site? Images, of course.
In a modern technological world where images are becoming increasingly important (in fact, there is no point having a social media page or blog page on your website that doesn’t include images anymore), compressing images has never been so useful.
Take a look at the following five amazing tools that compress images for your website. Not only are they highly-performative, they’re free too!

JPEG Optimizer
JPEG Optimizer is extremely simple to use and is a brilliant tool to decrease image file size. Unfortunately, however, the quality of the images after being compressed by JPEG Optimizer is noticeably lower than that of the original.
What’s more, apparently, JPEG Optimizer’s interface only allows you to upload and compress one image at a time, which means you cannot use it for multiple image compression.
JPEG Optimizer is therefore most suited to the less tech-savvy SEO’ers and website developers out there.

Optimizilla is an amazing compression tool that allows you compress .jpeg and .png image files quickly and easily.
Unlike JPEG Optimizer though, Optimizilla allows you to upload 20 images at a time for bulk image compression.
What’s more, once the images have been compressed, you can choose to download them either separately, or together, in a ZIP archive. allows you to choose between picture quality reduction and same picture quality compression (limited to .jpg and .png images)., however, doesn’t allow you to upload numerous images at once, though, and the individual files that you can upload are limited to 10 MB.

Resize Photos
Resize Photos is an amazing image compression tool that allows you to save and compress large file sizes.
Before compressing the image, you can select the width of the picture and the quality level.

Compress Photos
Compress Photos is almost a simpler version of Resize Photos, and is equally effective at optimizing your images impressively, although it doesn’t offer any extra features like custom width or quality control.
That said, you can bulk upload images and compress an unlimited number of .jpeg or .png images, all at the same time.

Compressing images for your website 
Ultimately, according to google developers, optimizing images for your website can offer some of the largest byte savings and offer considerable improvements in the performance of your website.
When it comes down to basics, the fewer bytes the browser has to download, the less competition there is for their bandwidth. Therefore, the browser can download and show the content on the screen faster.

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