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Snapchat’s model around disappearing content didn’t give a lot of confidence to many marketers when the platform launched back in 2011. After all, wasn’t content supposed to stay, and keep on driving traffic and conversions? The realty has turns out to be, as always, very different. Today, ephemeral content marketing is considered to be one of the biggest trends in content marketing, and something that would go really big very soon (if it’s not already so).

  • Snapchat has 178 million daily active users (DAU)
  • Instagram Stories has 250 million DAU
  • Snapchat witnesses 10 billion video views a day as compared to Facebook’s 8 billion video views a day.


I am sure you want to know how you can start using ephemeral content marketing tactics to make your brand win. Here’s a guide to help you out.

Create Authentic Content

The biggest barrier that prevents marketers from being able to create truly memorable content is their fear of being disliked! Ephemeral content solves this problem; because it remains visible for a very short duration of time, the risk of audiences hating the content is very minimal. Because of the short lifetime of the content, audiences consume the content without any biases, and are appreciative of novel ideas and expressions. To make your content different, authentic, engaging, memorable, and share-worthy, try out these themes:

  • Impromptu Q&A sessions with your business leaders
  • Surprise promotions videos (such as freebies handed out to customers, etc)
  • Behind the scenes videos from your business workplace, to showcase the office culture
  • Coverage of a local event
  • Coverage of an industry conference
  • Interview with an authoritative voice from your industry

Tie a CTA To Each Post

In utter contrast to common beliefs, ephemeral content marketing requires a lot of planning. You can’t hope to record anything and upload on your social media profiles, hoping users would check it out, and keep on returning for more, hoping the content would improve.
If you are sharing content on Instagram Stories, you get 4 additional objectives for the ad format:

  • Video views
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Mobile app installs


To connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account, click on Settings and then Instagram Ads.

Once done, prepare your Instagram advertisement:

  • I recommend 1080 x 1080 px image size
  • Make sure the text occupies less than 20% space on the ad.
  • Keep video ads smaller than 60 seconds.

Then, go to Facebook’s Business Manager and select Power Editor.

Create a new campaign. Select an Objective (for instance, clicks to website).

Next, select your Budget, select Audience Targeting options.

Cross Promotion of your Upcoming Ephemeral Content Posts

Though a huge success factor for ephemeral marketing is the authenticity and organic nature of the content and the engagement it generates, you can do a lot better by promoting your upcoming posts on other platforms.

  • A lot of digital marketers leave a traditional Instagram post about upcoming stories, declaring the time at which it will be posted, to generate interest.
  • It often helps to use a specific hashtag for specific ephemeral content posts, so that anybody can easily share the information with another person.
  • Make it a point to save all your ephemeral content posts, so that you can smartly re-use it later; for instance, your Facebook Live videos could go on your YouTube channel.

Tip: Proper planning of ephemeral content (especially Live video posts) can help you generate a lot of content that can be repurposed. Example, the video’s transcript could go as a blog post, the audio extract as a podcast, and some stills as image posts.

More Advice on Getting Better at Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content has no formula. The best of ephemeral content campaigns didn’t really intend to go so big. It’s about keeping on trying, and waiting for your collective efforts to bear fruit. While you do so, here are some points to remember.

  • Ephemeral content makes your audiences feel the warmth of an informal relationship; this must reflect in your content.
  • Chances are that your audiences will click on your post, video, or photo primarily because of the fear of missing out; give them valuable content so that they don’t feel disappointed.
  • Entertaining content is a key to success with ephemeral marketing; your audiences want to smile, and they want your content to do that.


Remember, there are some key reasons why people share content:

  • To show they were the first to find something.
  • To share something of value with others.
  • To share something entertaining and humorous with others.
  • To define themselves to others.
  • To get the word out about brands and social causes.
  • Self fulfilment.


Concluding Remarks

The biggest brands out there are already using ephemeral marketing to engage their audiences in amazing new ways, across content formats, social media channels, and content themes. Trust the tactics discussed in this guide to get started on your ephemeral content marketing journey.

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