In a recent blog post we discussed the merits of why your business needs a YouTube channel, namely the power of video marketing (that and you’re more than 53 times more likely to get ranked by Google if you embed a video in your site). We also showed you how to set up a YouTube channel (it’s super easy, simply check out our tutorial if you need a refresh).

So we thought, if you’ve set up your YouTube channel, the next thing you’re going to want to do is grow it. And rather than flounder around figuring things out for yourself, why reinvent he wheel? So, here it is – the easy guide to how to grow your YouTube channel.

Here are 10 super quick & effective ways you can use to grow your Youtube Channel:

  1. Create Videos around a Single Keyword or Topic
  2. Identify existing high quality content and re-create with something even better, more in-depth and engaging
  3. Identify your target audience and engage them within the first 15 seconds of your video
  4. Get sponsored and build your own brand
  5. Share your Youtube video across various social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and Tiktok
  6. Make sure you use high quality thumbnails that make sense
  7. Be present in your videos, show people who you are
  8. Encourage people to subscribe and offer rewards
  9. Use Youtube Cards
  10. Create engaging content frequently to keep your audiences engaged


But first, why should you take the time to grow your YouTube channel? 

Because your YouTube channel is only as good as the number of people who view it, the number of subscribers you have and the amount of traffic that comes your way. Essentially, why spend time and money creating content for your business YouTube channel if no one is going to watch it? 

It would be a complete waste of your time, money and other precious resources that you could put to better use in your business. But when done right, you have the potential to reach over 1 billion YouTube visitors each and every month. 

That’s a big audience. 

What can you do to grow your YouTube channel? 

Well, there are various tips and tricks and tools that can help you, so let’s dive in.

1. Use SEO to help you. 

This might not seem obvious, but YouTube is basically another search engine. And one way to help your content get ranked by the search engines is to optimise it. So concentrate on building videos around a single keyword that you want to rank for, and expand from there. 

There are quite a few free keyword tools that you can use that are specific to YouTube, being one of them. It will show you the most searched for keywords in the niche you’re trying to target.

Once you’ve narrowed down your keywords, search out the most popular videos that match those keywords and see what content is being created. If you want to compete, not only do you need to know what you’re up against, but you also want to find out what your audience wants to watch. 

Don’t forget to include your keywords in your video titles and meta descriptions. 

2. Give your audience what they want. 

Not sure what videos appeal to your audience? You could ask them, or you could opt to create the most popular form of content on YouTube – ‘how to’ videos. The majority of YouTube users use the platform to find out something or to learn something new. 

But why duplicate your efforts if you already have great content in the form of ‘how to’ blog posts or white papers? Use these as the base for your videos and bring them alive. 

Also, if you’re showing users how to do something via your own screen, rather than try to record your screen through another device (this often causes glare and looks unprofessional), try Camtasia

Camtasia is a great way to record what you’re doing with your screen, from your screen, whilst you talk through what you’re doing (Camtasia will capture you speaking as well). You can then edit the video after you’ve finished recording, adding in arrows, captions and other useful pointers for your audience. 

3. Improve the performance of your existing content.

If you already have a wealth of videos racked up on your channel, but little interaction, take advantage of free browser extension – TubeBuddy, to help you optimise your business YouTube channel. 

This awesome little extension allows you to run tests on your content, checking the tags, titles, thumbnails and descriptions to figure out which one gives your channel maximum exposure and therefore aid growth. 

TubeBuddy will also give you analytics, showing you how you compare to your competition on YouTube, as well as showing you how you’re doing in the rankings. 

4. Make it easy for your existing audience.

If you already have a large community on a different social platform, rather than try and entice them to join you on your new platform, why not make life easy for them (and you) and bring your YouTube channel content directly to them? 

Woobox is a great tool that allows you to promote your YouTube channel on your other social platforms. For example on Facebook, with Woobox you can embed all of your existing YouTube videos on a Facebook tab, allowing your Facebook audience easy access to them, without ever having to leave Facebook. 

You can even choose a YouTube video to be your featured piece of content on your Facebook page, so that it’s the first thing visitors see when they stop by your page. 

5. Don’t forget to engage with your audience.

Just like any social media channel, you need to engage with your audience if you want to create a relationship. And YouTube is a great place to engage with your audience. 

Make sure with every video you post that you include a call to action that encourages viewers to leave comments and interaction below the post. Also, YouTube favours those channels which engage with their audiences. Because just like Google, YouTube is all about pleasing the end user, so if you’re making the end user happy, you’re making YouTube happy. 

Finally, if you’re concerned that you aren’t growing your YouTube channel fast enough, consider posting videos more frequently. 

Yes this might make more work for you in the short term, but if you’re keen to make an impact, give your audience something to look at. You don’t need to invest in fancy equipment, a simple video made on your smartphone will suffice. Just stay true to your brand, engage with your audience and give them quality content and you won’t go far wrong. 

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