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reason startup needs SEO

If you hope to get your startup in front of your ideal audience, or any audience for that matter, you have to optimise your website for the search engines.

Why? Here are 7 essential reasons your business startup needs SEO.

1. SEO will get you out of the starting blocks

Digital marketing should be a priority for your startup business, and to get ahead early on, SEO is the staple feature that will get you out of the starting blocks and in front of your audience.

If you don’t optimise your website, even slightly, no one will find you; they can’t, because Google won’t know what to rank you for. The main goal of SEO is after all to optimise your website to get you better traffic, more visibility of your brand, to improve the UX and to boost your revenues.

2. SEO will enable you to better understand your customers

SEO, whilst it helps your audience find you, also helps you figure out who they are.


When you start your business, you’ll have drilled down into the personas of your ideal customers, because that is how you figure out who you are selling to, and what they want. But these personas aren’t real people.

And the more research you do into your ideal customers, in order to SEO your website accordingly, to appeal to these customers, the more you will find out about them. And the more you know about them: what they like, what they don’t like etc, the better placed you’ll be to meet their needs.

How do you uncover this customer behaviour data?

There are a wealth of SEO tools available that will help you in your SEO efforts. One good place to start is by learning which keywords your target customer audience use to search for you.

3. SEO will help your startup get traffic

All businesses need customers, otherwise what is the point of their existence? Your SEO efforts will up your audience numbers, increase conversions and ultimately boost your revenue.

And the best bit? SEO doesn’t have to cost you a penny, just your time.

Start doing SEO by learning the SEO basics and then stay up to date with Google’s best practices.

To begin driving traffic organically towards your site, do your homework and find out which keywords are relevant to your business, but don’t have high searches and aren’t competitive, making them an easy win.

The simplest way to employ these keywords is by using long-tail keywords that are super specific to your business.

4. SEO can be free

Yup. As mentioned previously, SEO can be free, because the basic tools that you require to do the job well are available from one of the very sites you want to optimise for: Google.

  • Google Analytics (this allows you see precisely how users are using your website, so set it up for each page and use the results to guide your optimisation efforts).
  • Google Search Console (this will show you what terms were searched for and how users got to that point).

5. SEO builds trust between you and your customer

Let’s be honest, as a customer, are you going to pick the guy who ranks at the bottom of page eight, or are you going to go with the social proofed, peer-reviewed and Google-approved guy at the top of page one, or who at least features on page one of the search results?

We all do it, we all choose the page one people, because they have been deemed (by an algorithm and their SEO efforts) to have the most useful, relevant and on point information for the search you have just conducted.

6. SEO delivers results

As a modern day business, you have to have a digital presence, that is just a fact of life. Being online is essential for any startup, regardless of the industry it is in. And SEO, though a slow process, does deliver results.

SEO helps build brand awareness, it grows your audience organically and it creates traction for growth. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. You won’t get overnight results from carrying it out, but chip away at it, little by little and you will start to reap the rewards.

Use Google’s optimisation tools, stay on top of SEO trends and be aware of Google’s algorithm updates.

7. Your competitors are doing SEO

What better way to galvanise you to optimise your website than by knowing your closest competitors are doing it, potentially better than you?

If you aren’t outperforming these people, you aren’t winning, which means you aren’t growing. Don’t let your competitors beat you at such an easy game.

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