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We are well into 2019 but the expectation is that we will see some drastic changes to the way the internet is managed and policed and used.

In order to be prepared for what is to come in terms of Google’s search capabilities the time has never been better for you to review your SEO strategy.

A review of the strategy should be commonplace for you though, because it’s one of the most fundamental ways in which you can ensure that

  1. a) your business is performing at its best online and;
  2. b) you are prepared for the arrival of any new types of technique or regulation.


Let’s face it:

If you if you haven’t checked your site’s performance for two years you may be surprised to learn of two major developments in SEO techniques: mobile-first indexing and Google’s user and page-speed metric system.

If you want your business to be seen, interacted with, enjoyed by others, and you want to provide your customers with a tip-top service then take heed of these innovative (and traditional) SEO techniques for 2019.

Here come six SEO techniques for the regeneration of your online presence.

1. Optimise for speed

Last year the idea of fast page speed really took off (excuse the pun!)

“It was touted as a key factor of SEO success.”

This year it’s become apparent that, although speed is of the essence, it is only one jewel in the goblet. Yes, it is still worthwhile making exerted efforts to have a website that works at a face pace (slow and sedentary websites lose visitors quicker than a restaurant fire), but the true route of the path to success is optimisation.

Google recently renovated the page speed platform (sometimes called Page Speed Insights). It is here where you can head to check your site’s parameters of speed and performance. Page Speed Insights measures optimisation quality, loading time, page insights and more.

Google also offers Test With Google for “Site Speed” collectively – here you can see your whole site performance on mobile (various connection types available).

Running your website through this unique tool ensures that your site is fully optimised. Google will even throw you some recommendations in order to ensure you make the necessary changes to your site to bring it up to the mark.

As far as your SEO strategy goes, this element is a must.



2. Prioritise for mobile

Yes, having a site that’s responsive to mobile devices is still — and will continue to be — a major SEO technique to master.

Last year was the year in which mobile searching became the focus of the tech giants. More people than ever resorted to searching for products using a phone or a tablet. This year Google has been pushing even more its mobile-first indexing.

But the secret of this SEO technique is not just about having a flawless and fast-moving mobile site.

Nor is it about your going completely mobile-friendly in an attempt to take advantage of the effort Google is putting into mobile-first indexing.

Desktop browsing is still an important facility for internet users. Desktop and mobile must be used in tandem to achieve the best results, even if in the end your mobile site is ranked over and above the desktop site.

What you need to take care of today is the usability of your mobile site. Make sure it is fast and reliable, that the layout and functionality doesn’t break on smaller screens and that it’s able to work under various conditions of connectivity. Knowing the where, who, why and when of your audience is a big part of mobile optimisation.

Don’t sacrifice value or content when it comes to designing the mobile version of your site. There are various ways in which you can create an attractive and interactive site for all sorts of mobile devices. You don’t need to sacrifice anything!

Just Remember: the fewer obstacles you put in the way of Google’s search bots, the better.






3. Update your Google listing


It may sound like a basic piece of advice amid our discussion about optimising mobile tech but to update your Google listing is still a must if you want your business to stand out from the crowd.

Google this year is adding more and more features to its Google My Business (GMB) to enable users and businesses to extract the most from an online footprint.

Google Posts, images, Q&A and reviews are all considered to be great SEO techniques for increasing a company’s ranking.

If you have a Google Ads Campaign set up to draw customers in by via clicks, use Google’s new facility to make sure the ads are protected from fraudulent clicks.

With your GMB set up, interact with it more than ever. A lively and much-visited GMB will attract visitors. Make sure you post frequently and then publish your posts to social media.

You may also try one of these four new features of the GMB platform that assist with your SEO techniques:

  • Add and interactive with your Google Q&A as much as possible
  • Upload relevant material to your GMB to bring freshness and relevance
  • Regularly update your profile with news and new ideas
  • Take the time to leverage reviews

Of this last point, it is important that you take charge of your reviews.

Reviews can make or break a business and it is worth your while to check regularly to see what is being said about your services and products. If you do a good job, invite customers to write a review. Every little word of encouragement helps to cement your place in the market.




4. Use the Google Search Console

Google wants to help businesses succeed because in doing so it fills its pages with millions of worthy, reputable and knowledgeable companies. In turn Google reaps the rewards from advertising.

Search Console has been a staple of the Google suite for some time, and recently the company has upgraded it.

Take a look at the console and see how it can benefit your online presence. Some of the features of the console include:

  • URL Inspection: Google assists the user to test links in real time, offers resolutions to problems and then validates the links.
  • Index Coverage Report: Google offers this of the following URLs: Errors, Valid, Valid with Warnings, and Excluded. Its report will help you to understand and to fix any problems that arise.
  • Performance Report: A throwback to the tried and tested Search Analytics platform. Google has updated the range of reporting to allow companies greater insight




5. Get creative

SEO experts have long extolled the virtues of building links.

In fact, for over a decade link building has been a mainstay SEO technique. But it is one of those things that has to be done right. Any old link will not do. Your links in 2019 are required to be informative, reputable and above all useful to your cause.

Building reputable links is still considered the best way to build solid long-term prospects. Your skill of link building is vital to the reputation and success of your company, because with each link built another dozen are accessible to your visitors.

Links are notoriously slow to act upon the success of a company, but in 2019 there are a couple of SEO techniques you can try for a more immediate boost:

  • The first is to coin a phrase or a catchword, something that is easily recognisable to everyone. If the catchphrase does the rounds on social media, then even better; potentially you will be able to drive millions of visitors to your website.
  • You can also create images or infographics that will be picked up by Google in someone’s search for an idea or concept. Google will direct the user to the source of the image or infographic (i.e. you) and you will then be approached for permission to use it: give permission but ensure that you are credited for the use of the image.
  • Another great way to build links is via social media and of course by meeting people. Humans were built to communicate with each other for the good of each other and nothing has really changed in that respect for 2 million years. Communicate and forge links by direct communication; doing so will pay dividends.




7. Power of video

Video is something that should already be a part of your arsenal of SEO techniques.

If it isn’t then get ready to make it so – today! Video promotion is a growing arm of online marketing. More and more people don’t have the time or don’t care to read copy and are resorting to watching a video instead.

People watch an average of 1 billion hours of video content on YouTube every single day.

To make your own short video presentation is extremely worthwhile but be sure that you do the background work on its promotion and be sure that it is of worthy quality. The problem with video marketing is the sheer number of substandard videos currently in circulation.

Make sure you abide by these principals of video creation:

  • Keep the background work on the video (such as meta-descriptions) in line with the rest of your SEO work.
  • Don’t just try to sell products; make sure you give viewers instruction and advice.
  • Submit a video sitemap to search engines.
  • Consider running live instructional seminars.
  • Keep demos and video promotion short and sweet.
  • Continually upload your videos to social media. Social media users have a huge thirst for short, sharp information and instruction.


Video content is growing fast and is one of the primary concerns of those who attempt to keep up to speed with SEO optimisation.

The interaction of video content on social media is worthwhile for you to tap in to for the simple reason that on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram you have a captive audience of millions. And if you are able to attract their attention then the sky’s the limit.

Importantly, keep going with the basic SEO techniques: the ones that, over the course of the last few years, have shown themselves to be the mainstay of online success.

Get the basics right and working as well as you can; then you can branch out into other areas.