5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profiles

So you’ve finally got your dream social media marketing job role, whether it is for a sports company, a freelance position, an SEO marketing company, an online retailer or a famous fashion brand, wherever you are based and whatever your passions are, the last thing you want to do while focusing on marketing your business, is let your own social media profile slip.

And no, I don’t mean, losing a few Facebook friends, forgetting to add your photos from your last Saturday night out or forgetting to respond to your friend’s instant message asking whether you are free to go Christmas shopping next Wednesday evening.
Instead, I’m talking about ignoring your own personal profile while focusing on promoting a business profile. At the end of the day, as a social media marketer, your social media profile should market yourself. So, here are five steps to ensure you have a strong social media profile as a social media marketer:

1. Keep posts frequent (but not too frequent!).

Post a message onto your Facebook profile every few hours and people will start wondering whether you actually have a real-life. Not only that, they’ll probably get bored of following, liking and sharing your posts.
Instead a daily post or post every couple of days will ensure your social media profile remains active but shows that you do have a life in the real world and don’t simply socialise through a computer screen.

2. Keep posts related to your area of interest.

Of course, when you think about LinkedIn posts, you think of being completely professional and relating your posts to your job role.
When it comes to profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ though, you can afford to post a little more informally. That said, take heed not to be too relaxed with your posts. Posts that link loosely to your profession and hobbies will work wonders for social media marketers.

3. Share, like and comment on other pages related to your industry and profession.

Social networking is ideal for…well, um…networking. It allows a huge amount of related industries and professions to connect with each other. By sharing, liking and commenting on other professional pages you will broaden your connections and find out more about your industry too.

4. Don’t share your business posts on your own social media profile.

Ultimately, there is no great benefit to sharing your social media posts for a business on your own social media profile. Your own contacts will not necessarily be interested in the business you are marketing and posting on your own page will not necessarily be of great benefit to the business.

5. Keep your profile details up to date.

An up-to-date profile picture (that is not a drunken picture from the weekend, or one of you on holiday in your bikini), combined with an updated place of work, living and qualifications could potentially work like a CV in the social media marketing world.
Keep yourself well-presented, professional and proud of what you’ve achieved and display this on your social media profile and you will be a step ahead in the social media marketing world.

Ultimately, businesses will be looking at how you represent yourself. And if you market yourself well, you are much more likely to make a success of marketing their business.

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