What should you be looking out for in 2016?

When it comes to digital marketing, you just can’t afford to take things easy for any length of time. If you try to do that, you will be left trailing behind, because it moves ahead at a very fast pace.
In the world of digital marketing, things change at an almost weekly basis. However, it is possible to look at certain factors and predict what should be expected to happen in 2016.
The following are some of the predictions in this industry:

The Gap Between Mobile And Desktop Will Grow Wider

The mobile online sales surpassed their desktop counterparts – which was actually no big surprise. How fast the gap would widen is what the real surprise was. Currently, digital marketers are focusing their campaigns at the mobile market and that is why the gap is set to become a gulf this year. But that does not mean that desktop should be ignored. While it is still popular, it will never be the leading platform. The growth numbers for mobile commerce are absolutely incredible. Goldman Sachs estimates that by 2018, mobile commerce will be almost half of ecommerce.

Video Advertising To Lift Up The Standard Even Higher

When it comes to digital marketing, video is king. All over the world, people watch videos on YouTube each day. This is the reason why Facebook is making huge investments in video ads. Also, Bing is availing video alternatives to its advertisers and there are rumors that there is the possibility of Google getting involved through in-SERP video advertisement features. This is a clear indication that 2016 will be the time when video advertising will become a totally new ball game. Videos are now an established constituent within effective digital marketing campaigns in every industry.

Virtual Reality Always Moving Closer To Mainstream

There were indications that 2015 would become the year when virtual reality became widespread, but this was not to be. Though we haven’t reached to the point of mass adoption, there are signs that 2016 will be the year that virtual reality will make an enormous leap forward.  The ability of digital marketing to engross the customer within a product or service is one of its most exciting features. Consumers get a better idea of how they can profit from purchasing or using that product or service through this experience.

Marketing Based On Location In Order To Attain To New Highs

Ignoring the huge potential that originates from local based marketing would be rather unwise. As beacon technology expands fast, marketers who understand how it works are already using it. This medium has almost limitless opportunities. Among its key aspects is that it allows brands to bridge the gap that exists between online and in person digital marketing. Apart from beacons, there is a new type of in location based marketing, a growing technology, which is referred to as geo-fencing. This innovative technology helps businesses to drive increased personalization in the digital marketing world by sending customers messages, which are highly targeted, depending on their location.

Putting Additional Emphasis On Relationship Marketing

Marketing specialists feel that the reason this area has not yet shot up is that its real meaning is not quite clear. The upshot is that relationship marketing is basically a technique that is intended to especially boost long term customer interaction, as well as loyalty and engagement. This takes place by way of promotion of open and continuing communication through bespoke campaigns directed at the individual instead of a mass target.


When all things are taken into consideration, there are indications that 2016 could turn out to be the most exciting year so far. This is in terms of development made in the digital marketing world. We expect not only to see these predictions unfold in the next years, but also witness the rising of numerous new technologies.

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