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There’s no denying it, social media is a vital part of any business’ marketing plan. 

Love it or hate, social media isn’t going anywhere, if anything, our reliance on it grows stronger by the day. 

So you have two choices – either ignore it and hope you find another marketing ploy with that good a reach for that low cost, or embrace it and dominate it. 

Good decision. 

Why is social media such a powerful marketing tool? 

So just why is having a social media presence so important for your business? 

Well, it doesn’t matter the size of your company, big or small, social media is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to stay in touch with your customers and to connect you to new ones. 

But that isn’t all. Social media is brilliant for: 

  • Building awareness around your brand. It increases your visibility to potential clients simply through creating a business profile on a few of the larger social networks, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Increasing your conversions. With more than 3 billion people utilising one of the many social media platforms each and every month, how can you afford to turn your back on it?
  • Demonstrating your authority in your given field. You can either present your customers with a blank page and lack any authenticity, or you can fill your page with your knowledge. 
    • Use your social media platforms to show how much you know about your business. 
    • Create white papers. 
    • Share industry news. 
    • Make little videos or write blog posts illustrating your business’ values. 
    • Communicate your brand’s authority and in turn show the world that your business is trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Whatever your plan for using social media to aid your business’ marketing efforts, know that your time won’t be spent in vain. And yes, staying on top of social media takes time and replying to every comment or query can take over your life if you let it. 

But there are ways that you can better spend your time on social media. There are things you can do to increase your reach, to connect with more customers, to engage with more clients. In a nutshell, there are ways you can dominate social media. 

3 easy ways to dominate social media for your business

1. Choose the right platform for your business

First thing to note – not all social media platforms are created equal. Some work better for different industries and businesses than others. But with over 3 billion people using one of the many social media platforms in 2019 alone (almost half the world’s population), there is a platform out there that can connect you to your ideal audience. 

Just don’t spread yourself too thinly or you won’t capture any corner of the market and you’ll spend your days playing catch up with all of your social media channels. 

So pick a platform and dedicate just 10 minutes out of your day updating it. 

5 popular social media sites to consider: 

  1. Facebook – the biggest social media platform in existence. ¾ of all Facebook users use the site on a daily basis. It’s easy to get started on the platform, but slightly harder to get traction as the Facebook algorithm rewards those users that share content that generates interaction. 
  2. YouTube – the video sharing platform. This platform has users watching over 1 billion hours of videos each and every day. Again, it’s easy to get started and share your content on YouTube. You just need to put time and effort into creating awesome, shareable videos. 
  3. WeChat – this platform started out as a messaging app, but has quickly grown arms and legs. WeChat now allows users to shop online, make payments online, book taxis, make reservations and so on. It’s most popular in China and Asia because WeChat is basically an alternative to Facebook (where Facebook is banned). 
  4. Instagram – the visual platform. Your brand or your business don’t have to be photogenic to take advantage of this platform. You just have to know what your audience wants to see, and make sure you give them plenty of it. 
  5. Twitter – this social media platform focuses on real time events. It’s quick and easy to use and with limited characters per post you have to be succinct in your messaging. This channel is great for communicating with customers (over 80% of all customer service requests via social media happen on Twitter) so make sure you have someone monitoring it (if you use it) for messages from clients. 

2. Schedule your content

Don’t have time to be on your social media platforms every day, sharing content or engaging with your followers? Then think about batch scheduling posts on a platform such as Buffer

Batch scheduling takes a bit of time, but a few hours of finding great content or creating great content at the beginning of the month and then scheduling it to go live will save you time the rest of the month. Freeing you up to respond to comments and queries as necessary. 

You could even use a social media management platform to keep all of your networks in one place. Hootsuite for example is a great way of ensuring that you don’t miss anything on any of your platforms by giving you all of your updates via a single account in one place. 

3. Curate great content

If you aren’t sure how you’re going to come up with great content on a daily basis to share with your followers, know you don’t have to give them something new each and every time. 

Why not simply share content that they might like from other users? A great way to curate content that is worthy of sharing with your audience is via Feedly

Why would you want to share other people’s content? 

Well, some brands post on Twitter (for example) up to 10 times a day, and if you want to compete with their engagement, you are going to have to dedicate yourself full time to creating fresh and engaging content. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. 


Love it or hate it, social media isn’t going away. 

Billions of users use it every day to find businesses just like yours, so put it to work for you. Just don’t get caught up in it, nor let it dominate you. Instead, put these three easy tips into practice and get the most out of social media.

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