In the SEO world, paid SEO tools can be incredibly useful for webmasters to use. However, sometimes paying for an SEO tool isn’t necessary, especially if you want to just have a light hand on the tiller. 

And so for those webmasters that want to up their SEO efforts without forking out a load of cash to boost their rankings, then there are plenty of free SEO tools out there that work just as well. 

So we wanted to share our favourite 12 free SEO tools in 2019 – sharing’s caring after all. 

And before you ask, yes, all of these SEO tools are totally free – no gimmicks. 

And yes, we know quite a few of these tools are SEO tools created by Google developers, but why wouldn’t use a product created by the very search engine whose good books you’re trying to get in? 

To help you that little bit further, we’ve also broken the 12 free SEO tools down into their respective categories, depending on which aspects of SEO you want to work on.


These are the best free SEO tools to help you with your website analysis, including monitoring your place in the SERP, your keywords, as well as conducting competitor analysis for you. 

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics isn’t technically an SEO tool, however you will struggle to run most SEO campaigns without it.

The data that Google Analytics unveils will tell you how well your SEO efforts are working and if they’re yielding you the results you were hoping for.

Google Analytics will provide you with key information such as: 

And the best bit of all is that Google Analytics can be paired with Google Search Console to provide you with even more SEO insights, such as what keywords users are using to find you, and what your CTR is.

  1. Google Search Console

This free SEO tool comes straight from the Google webmasters themselves, and no list of free SEO tools is complete without it.

Google Search Console (GSC) can be used to help you improve your website’s performance on Google Search. 

GSC has tools you can use to check out which features of your site are working well, and will provide you with reports to help you measure how your site is performing, what the traffic to your site is like, how to fix issues and how to make your site stand out in the SERP. 

Keyword Research

These free SEO tools will help you find the perfect keywords that your audience are using to search for you. They’ll also show you how popular the words are and what keywords the competition is using. 

  1. Answer The Public

Answer The Public sources data from public forums, blog posts and social media to find you the questions that people are asking on the internet.

This tool then turns these questions into keywords for you to incorporate into your website.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

This handy free Google tool is great for SEO keyword purposes.

Because it is built by Google, it provides you with the right type of keywords that will get your content and site in front of the right sort of audience who are searching for it.

Google Keyword Planner shows you the most relevant keywords for your business, as well as the frequency with which they are searched for.  

Local SEO

These tools will enable you to optimise your site for Google maps and for local searches.

  1. Google My Business

If you want to rank in local searches, then you need to be on Google My Business.

This essential, free SEO tool for local SEO allows you to list your business locally, as well as building a profile for you and letting you respond to reviews.

But most importantly of all, this tool allows you to claim your business, rather than leave it blank.

  1. Moz Local Check Business Listing

This free local SEO tool lets you check how consistent the information about your business is across the different search engines, showing you how your site appears across the internet, as well as where you rank in the different search results. 

This tool is great for showing you where your site’s strengths and weaknesses lie in the local search results. 

Mobile SEO

These free SEO tools will ensure your site is optimised to meet Google’s mobile first demand.

  1. Mobile First Index Checker

If you didn’t know already, Google have updated their algorithm to ensure that the search results are mobile friendly, because let’s face it, we live in the mobile first world.

There are numerous sites that will allow you to check whether your website is mobile friendly, that your links work and that your site is responsive etc, but this tool, by Zeo, is by far the most complete free SEO mobile first tool there is. 

  1. Mobile-Friendly Test

This is Google’s way of letting you check if your site fits in with their mobile first indexing.

Because if your website isn’t mobile friendly, then you won’t feature in the SERP.


And luckily for you, you don’t need to hire a developer to help you get your site mobile friendly, simply use this tool to check your site and it tells you whether or not your site complies with Google’s Mobile First algorithm

It will even show you where and how to improve your site so that the mobile spiders can have full access to index everything on your site. 

Link Tools

Backlinks are your best friend, so use this tool in your backlinking efforts.

  1. Disavow Tool

If you aren’t aware of this tool, then you’re not alone.

Google don’t tend to shout about this free SEO tool, because they hope that most webmasters won’t need to use it.

But it is essential if you think you have backlinks to your site that will hurt your place in the ranking. 

Use the disavow tool to prevent your site from being penalised by Google by highlighting low ranking and spammy links that you would like them to discount when indexing your site. 

Site Speed

These free SEO tools help you speed up your website, meaning increased engagement, more traffic, less bounce and higher rankings.

  1. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is Google’s speed performance tool.

It is the most up to date, free SEO tool available that tells you the performance of your site’s pages and rumour has it, Google themselves use something similar in their ranking algorithm.

  1. Page Speed Insights

This is a Google-built free SEO tool that works alongside Lighthouse.

But instead of just analysing your site, it provides you with real time data about real users who use your site, so that you can see how each page of your website is performing for your actual audience. 

Crawling and Indexing 

This free SEO tool ensures that your site is easily crawlable by Google spiders, and that your site is fully optimised (as best it can be). 

  1. Screaming Frog

This easy to use free SEO tool allows you to find and fix any technical SEO issues that your site might be having, in seconds. 

This handy tool will crawl your site, just as the Google spiders do, and it will generate a report for you as it goes, cataloguing all the potential technical SEO issues it comes across, including HTTP header errors, crawl errors and the like.

It will even highlight duplicate content if you should happen to fall foul of this heinous crime. 

Finally, what free SEO tools do you use that we have missed out?

Let us know so we can update the list!

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