Christmas Content Ideas for your Website

So, we’ve now hit December, the most wonderful, merry and joyous month of the year. Right? Whether or not you agree that Christmas is the best time of year, December is an essential month to review our website content.
After all, many people are on the hunt to invest in products or services at Christmas time and, the businesses that have tapped into the best content strategies, are sure to come off at the top.

Here are 10 simple tips to review your website content this December, so that you offer a flawless product or service this Christmas:

Omit all grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Even if you’ve got a stunning website design, combined with meticulously analysed SEO strategies, a website that contains even a couple of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes loses credibility and is completely unimpressive.

December tip: Check every word, every sentence and every page for flawless website content.

Ensure you are providing enough information.

Are people left asking questions about your product or service? Do you need to make your paragraphs longer or perhaps add another page of content to your website?

December Tip: Ask someone who has not yet looked at your website and does not know about your business to take a look at your content. Ask them what information they take from it and whether they would need to know anything else before purchasing your product or service.

Make sure you are targeting your audience.

Ultimately, your website content should be aimed at the type of people purchasing your product or service.

December Tip: Do some further market research and ask representative groups what they think about your content and whether it would lead them to purchase from your business.

Omit any irrelevant content.

Perhaps when you come to review your content, you notice that some of it is targeting generic keywords that aren’t actually helping to market your business.

December Tip: Delete this irrelevant content and replace with content that will benefit the keywords performing well for you now.

Delete any outdated blog posts or old product pages.

There is nothing worse than a user having to plough through a pile of outdated content before coming across what they are really looking for.
December tip: If you have outdated content, delete it!

Make sure there is consistency between your website and your social media profiles.

Your business should have a brand presence everywhere online. A sense of consistency across all platforms, including your website, helps to solidify your brand.

December Tip: Take a look at your historic social media posts, as well as your website, to check for a sense of consistency between them.

Subtlety works well!

December is a great month to consistently promote your business, product and services on social media. That said, the tone you adopt will be an important factor in your marketing technique.

Ultimately, there is no point posting the hard-sell every single day, instead, aim to create a rapport with your clientele.

December Tip: Make sure your social media profiles are active and engaging a relevant audience who will be interested in what you are offering.

Ensure your content relates to your website’s images.

You may have unique, high-quality images combined with SEO-optimized content, but if the two don’t work well together, then you are sending out mixed messages to your consumer.

December Tip: Review your website, page by page, to make sure your images are relevant to your content.

Make sure your content isn’t to repetitive.

Okay, so SEO is important and there is an element of repetition involved in order to tap in to relevant keywords, however, too much repetition and you risk being penalized and also, boring your audience.

December Tip: Check your website content solely for repetition and omit any repetition that is unnecessary.

Get someone else to check through your content.

Four eyes are better than two (and no we don’t mean simply putting your glasses on!), getting someone else to check through your content sounds so simple, but nowadays we’re always so busy, we just want to quickly get a job complete.

December Tip: Take the time to ask someone to review your content and listen to any suggestions they may have. It may be that you do not need to take their recommendations on board, but they may spot the odd spelling mistake or encourage you to look over certain areas that could be improved.

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